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How to Establish Product Liability in a Faulty Product in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles product liability attorney: You bought a product you’re not aware is faulty and caused you injuries in the long run. It’s just frustrating because we buy products that we need, and to make our tasks easier. However, there will be some point in our lives when we’ll get defective ones instead. When you […]
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To Hire or Not to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer When Filing a Claim

Did you or your loved one get into an accident and suffer injuries? Probably you’re confused if you’ll hire a personal injury lawyer or not when filing a claim. The compensation you will get will cover a wide array of situations and various types of accidents. Most accident victims think that it’s not necessary to hire […]
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How Does Wrongful Death Lawsuit Work in California?

When your loved one died, as a spouse or family member who financially depends on the decedent, you can hold the defendant liable for his negligence or deliberate action. You have the right to receive compensatory damages under California wrongful death case. However, this process can be daunting because of the complex nature of law. […]
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Does California Put Tax on Wrongful Death Settlements?

Losing a loved one from an accident can cause appalling anguish and misery. This devastating experience can cost you and the whole family in several ways — physically, mentally, and financially.  Sad to say that some survivors of the departed victims think twice before filing a wrongful death lawsuit because they don’t have any idea […]
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Hit By a Vehicle While Riding Your Bicycle? Contact LA Injury Group

Getting hit by a vehicle while riding a bicycle in Los Angeles is no longer new. In fact, nearly 11,000 bicyclists suffer injuries, and almost 160 bicyclists die throughout California. Almost a quarter of these injuries and fatalities occur in Los Angeles. Generally, bicyclists die at a yearly rate of roughly 2.6 per million residents […]
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Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in California Accident?

Finest Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers - The most devastating car accident is when someone dies from his or her injuries. Sad to say that this dreadful scenario occurs because of an individual or multiple people’s negligent actions.  If your loved one dies in a car accident, nothing or no one can unload the misery […]
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A Defective Product Caused me Devastating Injuries. Who do I Sue?

Consumers buy products to eat, to make them feel better, and to make their tasks easier and faster. However, there are certain products that cause harm and injury the least we expect it. When you or your loved one suffers injury from using a defective product, speak with an expert LA product liability lawyer to help […]
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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: Should You or Should You Not?

There will be a point in our lives when an accident will happen whether we like it or not. When you suffer serious injuries, the first thing that comes into your mind is, where are you going to get the money for your medical treatment. Your other concern would be not having salaries because you […]
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Why is the Presence of a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Important in Your Case?

When you suffer injuries from an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you’ll face the consequences of paying costly medical bills for your medical treatment and other expenses related to your health recovery. The thing is, why suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, especially financially when you didn’t cause your injury in the first place? Fortunately, there’s […]
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Get Help with Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case from LA Injury Group

Whether your traumatic brain injury is due to a road accident, tripping, or falling, the harm, loss, and damage you sustain can have a destructive lasting impact on you and your family. As an injured victim, you have so much to worry about, especially your present and future financial status brought about by costly medical care […]
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