Animal Attacks and Dog Bites Attorneys and Lawyers in Los Angeles

These days more and more people are keeping exotic pets. The days when an individual would just have a dog or a cat are gone. Now people keep everything from birds to lizards, snakes, spiders, exotic cats, reptiles of all kinds, and just about anything you can think of

Just because the pet may be exotic, does not absolve the pet owner for being responsible for their pet’s actions. Many of these exotic pets can be unpredictable and animal attacks involving them can occur.
dog bites

Depending on the size and breed of the pet, an animal attack injury may range from being very mild to being life-threatening. Some exotic pets are even poisonous! When exotic pets are involved in an animal attack, many of the same rules that apply to dog bites apply to these cases. If the pet owner was negligent with their pet and you were attacked and injured by that pet, you deserve to be represented to have your needs taken care of.

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