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Disclaimer: LA Injury Group, LLC does not guarantee any case results. The description of cases, trial results and settlements described on this web are actual case results handled by the firm, but these results are only representative of the personal injury cases we handle and do not guarantee future results. Each case is unique and must be judged own its own merits, facts and conditions.

$5.7 Million - Slip and Fall, Product Liability

Because the step was poorly designed by the manufacturer, as our extensive research and testing proved, it became loose over the years until it eventually gave way. The loose step caused our client to fall, head first, onto the hard concrete below. Unfortunately, our client, who was the sole breadwinner of his family, suffered a catastrophic brain injury and could no longer work. Due to the diligent efforts of our legal team, we were able to help achieve a 4 million dollar settlement for our client. What is most satisfying, we were able to help secure the financial future of our client's entire family, including his young wife and 2 year old son. Through our efforts we put together a team of lawyers and were able to hold the dealership liable and, most importantly, get our client a sizeable $5.7 million settlement.

$3.1 Million – Motorcycle Accident

Despite the fact that witnesses testified that our client’s son was speeding on his motorcycle and entered the intersection against a red light, our firm was able to get the client a $3.1 Million dollars settlement at mediation.

$950k – Motorcycle Accident

While the defense argued that our client was riding too fast, we brought a top accident reconstruction expert into the case who was able to obtain information from the defendant’s vehicle’s “black box” which showed that the defendant vehicle was clearly at fault for the accident. Specifically, while the defendant tried to argue that he stopped at the intersection, the data we obtained showed that the defendant never actually stopped before entering the intersection where he impacted our client’s motorcycle.

$200K - Auto vs. Pedestrian Accident

We won a $200,000 settlement for an older lady who fell to the ground after she was pushed forward by a moving vehicle as she was in the middle of a crosswalk in Studio City, CA. Our pedestrian client banged her knee on the pavement and suffered an injury to the ligament in her knee from which she has completely recovered. Refusing to take a low settlement, we filed a lawsuit against driver of the car that hit our pedestrian client and after approximately a year of litigation, we achieved a very favorable settlement which made our client extremely content.

$200K - Auto vs. Auto Accident

Our attorneys successfully recovered $200,000 for our 71 year-old client and her sister who were involved in a side impact car accident in Glendale, CA. From the auto accident, our clients' suffered neck, back and shoulder injuries from which they have presently recovered. After the defense offered only $17,000 and argued that our client's injuries were temporary, we filed a lawsuit and within only nine months we were able to settle the case for the other driver's full insurance policy limit.

$125K - Slip & Fall in a Public Place

After having a few drinks with her boyfriend in Pasadena, our client, a young PhD. student at USC, excused herself to head to the restroom. Unfortunately, a part of the restaurant's floor was extremely slippery due to an oily liquid that was on the floor. Our young client's right foot slipped on the oil causing her to come crashing to the ground. Our client suffered a fracture in her knee. Despite the difficulties with proving slip and fall accidents, as we must prove that the oil was there long enough such that the restaurant could have identified it and removed it (and despite the fact that we did not even have a single witness that saw the oil) we were able to get out client $125,000.

$100K - Auto vs. Pedestrian Accident

While walking across a crosswalk at the intersection of Tujunga Ave and Sherman way, the driver of a Toyota Prius didn't see our client and ran over her right foot. Our client suffered a small fracture in the fifth metatarsal of her right foot. Fortunately, the fracture healed well and our pedestrian client was up and walking in no time. Because of our solid reputation with the driver's insurance company we settled our client's personal injury claim for the driver's $100,000 insurance policy limit. Not only was this the maximum settlement possible but we reached it only 30 days after our demand was sent.

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