Bus and Metro Accident Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles

The bus and metro transport systems are used by thousands of people every day to get to work as well as to appointments, meetings and as a general mode of transportation. Many tourists also use these modes of transportation while visiting a city. The bus and metro can be an affordable, easy way to get where you need to go, but like any vehicle they can become involved in an accident.


The lack of safety equipment including no seat belts or airbags can make being in an accident on the bus or metro far more dangerous than being involved in an accident in a car. It is not at all uncommon for our bus and metro pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles to come across people who have suffered any of the following injuries:


  1. Whiplash
  2. Spinal cord damage
  3. Slipped discs and back injuries
  4. Brain injuries
  5. Cuts and bruises
  6. Broken bones
  7. Facial injuries including dental injuries


It is not uncommon for an accident involving a bus or metro transport to affect multiple passengers. Getting care for yourself and/or any loved one that may have been injured in a bus or metro accident may involve several steps. Our bus and metro pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles can walk you through them.


  1. Injury Type – Determining what kind of injuries you have suffered from the accident.
  2. Immediate Care – This would include any hospitalization costs or doctor visits.
  3. Future Care – Getting proper care for any injuries that will have long term effects.
  4. Lost Wages – Recovering lost wages due to your injuries keeping you from work.
  5. Future Earnings – Determining losses of future earnings due to this injury.
  6. Pain and Suffering – Any mental anguish caused by this accident.


Along with your medical information a person involved in a bus or metro accident will also need to determine the cause and fault of the accident.  This may include:


  1. Faulty Breaks – If the breaks fail to stop the vehicle it can cause serious damage.
  2. Driver Error – Drivers have strict guidelines they must follow, but some fail to do so.
  3. Poor Maintenance – If the bus/metro has not been properly maintained it can cause an accident.
  4. Faulty Track – If the metro tracks are not properly cared for and are damaged they can cause and accident.
  5. Weather – Poor weather can impede the driver’s ability to see and can be a cause of accidents.
  6. Bad Roads – If the bus hits a pothole or encounters some poorly maintained roads an accident can occur.
  7. Lack of Training – Drivers should be properly trained. If they are not your safety may be at risk.
  8. Other Drivers – Some drivers don’t respect the space a bus needs to maneuver and may cut the bus off.


Determining the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries including the level of care you need to recover from them can be a difficult matter. Expert bus and metro pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help you navigate through all of this and help make certain that you don’t end up just another person who was injured during a bus or metro accident that has been left to fend for yourself.


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