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Importance of a Car Accident Attorney: Do you Need an Attorney After a Minor Incident?

June 21, 2024 
by LA Injury Group

The thought of a car accident can be overwhelming. These unfortunate incidents are unpredictable and the aftermath, devastating. Despite the different causes of such an unfortunate incident, you will have to deal with property damage, injuries, and in other circumstances, fatalities. Individuals may feel lucky after surviving a crush and the first thing that may come to mind is letting things slide and counting your lucky stars. Unfortunately, this kind of response is wrong. Just as with all vehicle collision, even what you consider to be insignificant should be taken seriously. As a car crush survivor, the importance of a car accident attorney comes highly recommended and for good reasons too. There are a number of ways a lawyer is helpful during the claim. Let’s read on to reveal the importance of a reliable car accident lawyer.  

Importance of a Car Accident Attorney

Understanding the Role of an Attorney 

Many may argue that they can and should handle their claim in person. While this gesture is possible for individuals who did not suffer fatal injuries and they have the time and resources to gather evidence, it is crucial to note that, the services of a professional attorney are undisputed in this field. Not only will it allow you time for adequate recovery from injuries and shock, your counsel will get down to do the “donkey work” to ensure your compensation is fair. 

What is considered a Minor Car Accident  

A minor car accident refers to incidents that resulted in little or no injuries to self (a mild bruise, scratch, and sprain). In addition, there may have been little damage to property such as your vehicle or property in the vicinity. Though this sounds like a little fender bender, it is important to note that you need to prevent future concerns/problems. After all, prevention is better than cure and in this case, you need to hire an attorney right after a minor car accident to salvage the “not so little” concerns. 

The Role of an Attorney in a Car Accident Claim 

Bring to light all legal requirements and expectations 

Insurance companies make payouts in accordance to the law and as per the legalities of contracts. Therefore, you need to understand the legal terms and requirements not just on your end but also for the at-fault representation. The grammar jargon may overwhelm someone who is not familiar with law terms. Your legal representation must be able to make ease the process and bring a better understanding of all legal requirements. 

Investigate and Collect the necessary evidence 

A reputable lawyer has the capability to obtain relevant evidence because they know what is required. For example: it is easy to say you took photos, but did the photos capture what was required? In addition, they can access police reports regarding your case making it easier to compile evidence. You can be sure that no stone will go unturned with a lawyer working with you. Evidence will range from photos or videos of the scene, medical-related costs, as well as lost wages. 

Communicate with third party persons (responsible parties)

Your legal counsel will be responsible for opening a line of communication to all involved parties. It is easier for someone with a “badge” to access help as compared to someone walking into insurance offices as a victim. This means that getting a response will be easier and faster when a lawyer is presenting you during your claim. 

Combine, organize, and present evidence 

It is not enough to simply gather evidence; you must be able to present it to the relevant parties to prove liability. Putting all evidence together to prove fault beyond any reasonable doubt that the victim should and must be compensated is a crucial step.  

Negotiate a fair and just settlement 

To seal the deal, your legal representation must negotiate terms of compensation. He or she knows how to conduct themselves in different circumstances. A layperson may end up reacting angrily or accepting less than he should to avoid dragging the case. However, legal representations know all the tactics that defendants use and will therefore; act accordingly to ensure fair compensation.     

Importance of a Car Accident Attorney - Practical Advice 

• A Helpful attorney is registered and his or her license is active at the time of service. This will ensure that he or she does not have cases of misconduct or penalties.  

• To ease the process, get a lawyer you are comfortable with because it will ease the communication process. 

What to Look out for when Deciding to Hire an Attorney 

Reputation and rating 

The reputation of a lawyer is important. Always ensure that he or she has a positive rating in his or her cases. You can start by looking for referrals through people you trust such as family and close friends. The goal is to work with someone who is focused and has built a strong foundation in the field. You can obtain his or her ratings online from reliable resources, whereby, the higher the rating, the better. 

Field experience 

A lawyer with sufficient experience in the field is more likely to ensure fair and just settlement or win in cases where the case goes to trial. Consider the number of cases of similar circumstance he or she has worked on. More experience results in a better outcome of your claim. 

Proximity of lawyer’s office to you

For convenience sake, it is better to work with a lawyer who is close to your residence. It will not only reduce expenses but it will also boost convenience in case there is a reason for a meet up with you or any third party (insurance company representative) involvement. 

Their Winnings 

Fair and just compensation can only be possible if your case goes in your favor. Simply put, you are looking to win. Therefore, representation with a higher winning streak is what you are looking for to speed up your case as well as avoid court proceedings (where possible). 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I need an attorney where the incident was mild?  

A: You can never be sure of the intensity of a road vehicle crush until all factors of the misfortune are put into consideration. Therefore, soon after such an unfortunate incident, it is crucial to involve legal counsel to help you identify your benefits and help you to recover property and good health. 

Q: Do vehicle accident claims end up in court? 

A: There are instances where your claim may end up in court though this is not the case most of the time. Your legal representation may advice that you move forward to court in the following circumstances: 

  • When the insurance company refuses to accept that their insured driver was responsible for the crash. 
  • The insurance company denies coverage for your situation 
  • The counter offer suggested is way too low as compared to the claim you provided
  • The at-fault party does not seem to take the case seriously 
Q: Will my claim process be faster if handled by a car accident attorney? 

A: Working with legal representation will significantly reduce the period it will take to clear your claim. This is because a professional representation will have sufficient knowledge and resources at their disposal to ensure smooth step-by-step processing. 

Q: After a minor accident, will the lawyer follow up with the insurance companies or will I have to? 

A: Involving legal representation allows the lawyer to represent you fully. This said, he or she will be responsible for communicating with insurance companies on your behalf as well as completing all paper work. 

Q: Another driver caused me to swerve which led to me hitting a post. Though leaving me unharmed, the mental torture still lingers. Can I be compensated for pain and suffering? 

A: Yes you can. There are non-economic losses considered and in such a case, the suffering is evident. While finances cannot make up for such cases, they play a role in easing the financial costs that come with the damages caused therefore, allowing for peace of mind for the victim. 

Q: What will my lawyer do if I did not suffer any visible injuries? 

A: First, you may not be able to record any physical injuries but with an attorney, he or she will advocate that you visit a doctor nevertheless. Why? To ensure that you did not suffer any internal injuries as well as prevent future concerns. For example, you may have a small bruise but if left unattended, it may develop an infection leading to a serious problem in the future. To help clear the medical expenses, your legal representation will seek compensation. They will also follow up on the entire legal process. 

Contact A Reliable Car Accident Attorney

Why go through the stress of gathering evidence and making follow-ups after such an unfortunate incident where you may not even be feeling well? An attorney will come in handy in handling behind-the-scenes activities to ensure a successful case. With a better understanding of the law and perfected negotiating skills, a car accident attorney will help you recover through fair compensation. Contact LAInjurygroup today for a free consultation and let us handle the complexities of your case while you focus on your recovery.


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