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Filing a Case Against the DUI Driver Who Caused Your Injuries and Damages

Were you hit by a DUI driver while riding a bike, driving your car, or simply crossing the crossroad? Under California law, you are eligible to file a case against the defendant (driver) who caused your injuries and damages. Filing a case, however, is a complicated process. You need someone dependable to protect your rights […]
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Involved in a Truck Accident? Protect Your Legal Rights

There will always be massive trucks on every road and highway, considered some of the most dangerous vehicles. Each year, it causes thousands of death in California. Victims of truck accidents often find themselves physically, emotionally, and financially burdened. If you or a loved one is a truck accident victim, consult an effective truck accident […]
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Another Vehicle Hit My Car. Do I Have a Claim?

Thousands of people suffer injuries and losses in car accidents in California every year. High-impact collisions usually lead to tragic injuries. At the same time, people can also get hurt from minor fender benders. When you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, call the police at once and seek immediate medical […]
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Involved in a Vehicle Accident In Los Angeles? Contact the LA Injury Group for Help

Encountering a vehicle accident in Los Angeles is a tragic experience that can haunt you for the rest of your life. If you or a loved one suffers an injury, it’s highly suggested that you talk to LA Injury Group’s experienced Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer. After the crash is an overwhelming period because of […]
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Professional Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Let’s face it. Being stuck in a traffic jam makes us cranky. It’s one of the many reasons why other drivers step on the gas when the traffic loosens. These negligent drivers don’t think of other people’s safety. This reckless behavior often results in fatal crashes. Car accidents can lead to considerable injuries and vehicle […]
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