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Child Injuries-Can You Sue a Daycare or School for Negligence?

Child Injuries-Can You Sue a Daycare or School for Negligence? Yes, you can sue a facility for negligence that result in child injuries. After a 10-month-old girl's finger was partially chopped while she was a guest at a facility in Los Angeles, her parents brought a lawsuit against the crèche that she was at. Paramedics […]
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Elevator Accidents: Who's to Blame When You're Injured in a Lift

It is hard to imagine, but an elevator may sometimes fall a couple of floors. The fall is often spontaneous, unplanned, and in most instances, catastrophic. This fall will undoubtedly bring about significant discomfort and harm to those affected. During this fall, you may break your knees and sustain minor and significant injuries. When this […]
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Injury on Private Property: How to Sue For Damages After a Home Accident

You can sue the property owner for compensation if you are injured while on someone's property. The foundation of this ability lies in the fact that the property owner must take active measures to ensure that their guests do not suffer any injury. However, if they do not take active steps to ensure their guests […]
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Understanding Emotional Distress: Claims You Can Sue For Stress Related Injuries

Claims You Can Sue For Stress Related Injuries: Emotional distress happens when a person struggles with mental anguish or pain and suffering after a traumatic event. Find out if you can sue for emotional suffering in California and what a personal injury lawyer can do for you. Emotional distress occurs when a victim of a […]
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Injured at a Gym: Understanding Your Legal Options for Compensation

Injured at a Gym - In a world where going to the gym is increasingly becoming a norm, getting injured while at the gym is becoming common. This situation calls for care when one is exercising at the gym. Moreover, it calls for gym-goers to ask for more space and help when exercising. As pointed […]
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