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When to Involve an LA Injury Lawyer

July 21, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

As aware as you may be on a daily basis, you can never predict when an injury may happen. Sometimes when you fall into an eb and flow, you forget to focus. Whether it’s while driving, or at work, or going about daily routines; accidents happen. If something happens to you, and you become injured, you have grounds to hire an LA injury lawyer. When you describe your case a lawyer can help you understand how to file a claim. Injuries often end in medical bills, missing work, or even permanent damage to your body. In the event you find yourself in an unfortunate situation due to someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to fight for compensation you may deserve.

Injury on City Property

So what happens when you receive an injury after an accident on city property? Section 810 of the Government Code states specific guidelines you need to follow if you want to receive compensation for your injuries. Suing the city may sound intimidating, but an LA injury lawyer can walk you through the process of filing. When suing the city you need to make sure to have medical receipts, details of the accident, and proof; proof meaning pictures and witness accounts. You will need to be able to prove that the employee or entity acting on the city’s behalf was negligent and had created a dangerous environment for you and others around. If the conditions are able to be fixed, but have not been, then you have a stronger case. That being said, Section 810 requires very specific details to be filled out in your claim.

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If the descriptions are not written in full your claim could be denied.

an LA Injury Lawyer

Responses and Exemptions

Filing a claim against the city of Los Angeles can be tricky, which is why hiring a lawyer would be most beneficial for you. Each situation is different, and there could be exemptions that you are unaware of. The city has up to 45 days to respond to your claim after it has been filed. If your claim is rejected then you have six months to follow up and file a court action. Time is of the essence when filing against the city, which is why hiring an LA injury lawyer will help to speed up the process and will make sure your claim is correct.  

Contact LA Injury Group

If you are in a rush to file a claim against the city, contact LA Injury Group by calling (818) 240-1800. There is a team of attorneys waiting to help you fight to receive compensation you may deserve after receiving an injury.

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