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What the “Best Accident Attorney in Los Angeles” Means

April 15, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

The phrase “best accident attorney in Los Angeles” gets thrown around a lot. Mostly, it’s hyperbole. It’s a lot of words that explain why one person or another has done the most for clients that you can’t talk to or possibly reach, something like that. There’s not really any organization that can give the title to an attorney, like a championship belt or something. All a personal injury law firm can do is to provide the best services for their clients. That’s what we do at the LA Injury Group. We’re quite good at it, too - as our clients (and their settlements) can attest. 

Personal Injury Experts

We’ve been helping folks through personal injury cases for a long time. That means we know how difficult it is what you’re going through. No one prepares for going through a personal injury case, for getting injured. There’s just no way to. One day, you’re fine, and then, one moment later, you need medical assistance, a supportive law firm, and so much else. Drawing upon our experience, we can help you to get everything that you need. 

“Everything that you need” can have a lot of different definitions in this context. We can help you to get medical assistance, should you require it. It could be dealing with all of the problems and concerns that going through a personal injury case (like a car accident) could entail. It certainly means taking up your case on your behalf, to help you get as much compensation as possible. That we will definitely do. 

Insurance companies know how much your claim is worth. When they send an adjuster to talk to you, to offer some kind of deal, it’s always lower than what your claim is actually worth. The reason for that is simple: they know what your claim is worth but they’re confident you don’t. They believe that if they can get to you before you contact an attorney, you’ll take the first deal offered. That way, they can make more money off of you. But, when you reach out to us, we can stop them in their tracks. 

best accident attorney in los angeles

Best Accident Attorney in Los Angeles: Resources and More 

For an accident attorney to be at their best, they have to be with a firm that has the necessary resources. Here at the LA Injury Group, we have the kinds of resources that allow us to go toe to toe with the insurance companies. That means the insurance company can’t just swamp us with their wealth. They’ll have the best attorneys possible on their side. You deserve to have the same. 

“Resources” has many definitions as well. For example, we’re able to bring in the best possible investigators for the initial investigation. See, the other side is going to get their investigators out to the injury site as quickly as possible. They’ll go over everything with the proverbial “fine-toothed comb,” and then, they’ll use that to either say it was your fault and/or it couldn’t possibly be the fault of their client. That’s their job. 

Our job is the exact opposite. Our investigators are there to find the truth. Then, we can use that to give you the kind of representation that you deserve. From there, we can round witnesses, experts, and anyone else who helps to make your case that much more compelling. Really, that’s just the beginning. 

The “Best Accident Attorney in Los Angeles” for Your Needs 

Insurance companies and their lawyers know that they don’t really have to negotiate with mediocre lawyers in good faith. They understand that they can stonewall until trial, in hopes that the client gives up or the insurance company simply steamrolls the mediocre lawyers in the courtroom. They can’t do that with us. 

We love nothing more than representing our clients in a courtroom. Our track record shows that. But, more often than not, things end long before we actually get into the courtroom. Our aggressive negotiation style makes sure that our clients get the compensation that they deserve for everything that they’ve been through. We know it’s not easy to get started with an injury law firm, which is why we offer free consultations when you call (818) 240-1800.

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