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Los Angeles Welding Accident Lawyer Provides the Right Help That You Need

December 12, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

If you are a welder who suffered burns, you have to spend weeks or even months to recover. Your long medication in the hospital including skin grafts can spell huge medical costs. Consulting a Los Angeles welding accident lawyer can help you file a claim for your recovery. 

Los Angeles Welding Accident Lawyer: What is Welding?

Welding is a process of bonding metals by melting the base to cause fusion. Welders across California utilize cumbersome welding equipment and tools. These are basically used to connect materials at high temperatures. However, wrong use or faulty equipment can lead to tragic injuries.

What Makes Welding a Hazardous Occupation?

Several welding techniques necessitate severe heat which can result in electric shock and burns. Additionally, the procedure endangers welders to harmful gases, toxic fumes, and extreme ultraviolet radiation. 

Health hazards due to exposure include lung cancer, flash burns, metal fume fever, and metal poisoning. The eyes and skin can be also affected by poisonous gases. In fact, long-term contact with high-risk light or breathing of toxic gases can be life-threatening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data indicates the ratio of 1:250 of workers who perish from a welding injury.

OSHA Regulations

Welding is one of the riskiest professions which made OSHA placed some guidelines to prevent injuries. It compels employers to provide preventive equipment and training for welders. 

Regardless of the directives, some contractors, building owners, and employers do not comply in providing sufficient and correct training. They can be held responsible if something bad happened to welders. 

If you are an untrained welder and suffered an injury while doing your job, talk to a Los Angeles welding accident lawyer. He can help you file a claim to recover your damages. 

los angeles welding accident lawyer

Your Options When Injured in a Welding Accident

Welding tasks require proper and adequate training to prevent an undesirable accident. It is not right that a contractor or your employer requires you to work without training. This might result in an accident that is likely to cause severe injuries. A Los Angeles welding accident lawyer can investigate the factors that played a part in your accident to identify who was liable.

A contractor is held liable if he instructed you to utilize a piece of equipment or tool you are not familiar with. The accident may cause blindness, crippling, or neurological damage. These injuries may impact your quality of life and if this happens, you have enough reason to file a personal injury case.

The workers’ compensation claim will pay for your medical treatment, lost wages, and impairment. However, it might not always be the best course of action since it does not include pain and suffering. Nevertheless, you still need the help of a Los Angeles welding accident lawyer to make the problem easier to bear.

What Happens if You Lack Proper Training?

Training is an important aspect in terms of occupation. Whatever is your profession, you need training. It helps you hone your skills and become an expert. However, when you lack the proper training, a lot of issues occur, such as severe injuries.  

Bad Weather

Construction work is continuously done even in rough weather for those who need to meet the deadline. There are times that welders need to work under unsuitable conditions. If the work needs to continue, a contractor must ensure his workers have adequate and proper training. Otherwise, he will become accountable if one or more of them suffered injuries due to a lack of safety precautions.   

Condensed Areas

Welders also have to work in condensed areas if it calls for it. Even in difficult positions, they need to make sure that they are doing their job correctly. If you lack the proper training, you are likely to suffer burns or other types of injuries. 

Additionally, you may suffer muscle strains caused by welding equipment. If this happened to you, speak with a Los Angeles welding accident lawyer to help you pursue financial compensation. 

Safety Gears  

As a welder, you need to know the various risks associated with your work. It is paramount that you have the proper training and safety gear. These protective tools include a helmet, fire-resistant gloves, face shield, and others. 

You must learn how to use safety gear safely. This will help you avoid sustaining burns, eye damage, and other types of body injuries. You might be familiar with only one type of welding equipment to use. In case an injury resulted because you have an instruction to use a different one, the contractor is again liable for that.

Poisonous Fumes

You need to protect yourself from poisonous fumes released during the welding process. Breathing those gases can make you feel woozy and can make you fall. The accident can lead to injuries in the head, neck, back, and bones. 


Sometimes you will need to use scaffolding to reach the spot that needs welding. Elevated heights pose danger and you must learn the safety precautions to prevent accidents.

Seeking for the Right Help from a Los Angeles Welding Accident Lawyer

The injury you experienced undoubtedly brought piles of financial concerns. This includes medical bills and lost income. Filing for compensation is your best option to cover all the expenses incurred.

The best decision you can make is to seek a Los Angeles welding accident lawyer who can provide the right help. LA Injury Group’s team of welding accident lawyers have the expertise and resources to help win your case.

Call us at (877) 678-4689 today and let us win your case together.

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