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Los Angeles Injury Attorney Advice

December 7, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

When you’re injured, it’s natural to feel confused and scared. That’s just being human. No one’s ever really prepared to be injured, whether it happens on the job, in a car accident or anywhere else. With the insurance company hounding you to make a settlement, your body in pain and the people that care about you concerned for your well being, it’s normal to not know what to do. That’s why the LA Injury Group is here. We’ve been helping people who were injured for a very long time. If you’re injured, we can help you, too. In this blog, we’ll go over how a Los Angeles injury attorney from our firm can help your case.

Our Los Angeles Injury Attorney

No one wants to get injured. You didn’t ask for it to happen. When it’s someone else’s fault, you deserve to be compensated. That’s common sense: when someone causes you to be hurt, they should have to pay for it. Unfortunately, that’s not how the insurance company sees it. They don’t want to have to pay for you. Indeed, their business model is built around making sure that you get as little as possible for your injury. That’s how they make money and it’s how they keep going. The LA Injury Group is the opposite of that: we only get money when you do. So, it’s in our best interest to make sure that you get as much money as possible.

That idea is what we built our entire firm around. There are plenty of injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, most of them only see their clients as the next paycheck, the next bill to clear. When we made our firm, we wanted to make a firm that was the opposite of that. We wanted to make a law firm that truly cared about people. After all, that’s what this business is really about: making things right for someone. When you’re hurt by someone else’s actions, you’ve been wronged. The only way to make it right is to get you appropriate financial compensation. Now, for many injuries (like wrongful death ones) there’s no way to get enough money in compensation to make up for them. So, here at the LA Injury Group, it’s our job to make sure that you get your compensation so as to make your life just a bit easier.

Stopping Insurance Companies

You’re injured in a car accident. You’re alive, but you may have some broken bones. You call 911 and ride in an ambulance to the hospital. There, you recover, and you’re sent home that day. Then, miraculously, someone calls from the insurance company. They say they’re an adjuster, and it’s your lucky day: they’re willing to make you a settlement offer. Even better, it’s for a lot of money. All they want you to do is sign now. Just sign this form, right now, on the day you come back home from your injury (or perhaps the day you suffered your injury) and you can get the money. It’s just oh so critically important that you sign right now…

… As you might imagine, many of our clients saw the issue with that. “Why,” they wondered, “if it was such a good deal, was the insurance company so insistent that I sign right this second?” indeed, that’s the whole point. The insurance company knows that it’s not a good deal. That’s why they’re offering it to you so quickly. They figure if they can get you to take an offer right this second, before you talk to an attorney, then you’ll settle for so much less than your claim is worth. They’ve been doing this for a long period of time to so many people.

To be clear, the reason the offer is so good is that the insurance company knows that, for this kind of claim, they will have to pay out so much money. The better the offer the insurance company offers you before you talk to an attorney, the more that you can get for your case. You can rest assured of that. The insurance company has so many professionals working for them that they know how much every single claim is worth. Indeed, that’s the main thing an insurance company has to know. The more money they’re willing to give you, the more worried they are.

Now, take the above scenario, but this time imagine that you brought the offer from the insurance company to us at the LA Injury Group. We would look at the offer from the insurance company, and we would talk to you about your case. In ninety-nine times out of one hundred, we would make it clear how much more money you could get for your claim if you hired us. Maybe you have the one time in a million when the insurance company offered a fair deal at the top. However, that almost never, ever happens. Instead, you bring in a law firm, and we go against the insurance company to get you as much as you deserve.

Los Angeles Injury Attorney Advice

How We Handle Your Case

The first thing we do when we take your case is we go about gathering the evidence. Indeed, that’s why we recommend to so many of our clients that they bring us into the case as quickly as possible. The sooner you bring us in, the sooner we can get to work on building your case. Sometimes, evidence can disappear if left alone for too long. An example of this is when we have a client that’s hurt in a car accident. So much of the environmental, outdoor evidence can disappear quickly. Skid marks can be washed away. Buildings and trees that were wrecked into can be removed.

Remember, the insurance company is putting their investigators on the case immediately. They aren’t waiting around, debating whether to bring in an attorney or not. Indeed, their attorneys are getting started with the case immediately. When you wait to reach out to a law firm, you potentially put yourself at a disadvantage. You don’t want to give the insurance company a head start. Now, here at the LA Injury Group, we’ve been handling these kinds of cases for a long time. We can get you the compensation you deserve even if you hire us a bit after the insurance company starts investigating. However, you also want to make the case as easy on yourself as possible.

Court and Negotiations

We often don’t have to go to court for injury cases. Usually, these settle outside of court. Of course, that being said, we’re always happy to represent our clients in court. It’s so rewarding to get to stand up for our clients in a court of law. We have a historic track record of winning for our clients in court. To be honest, that record also makes us better negotiators. See, insurance companies aren’t worried about law firms that lack court experience. They know that they can beat them should the case get there. So, the insurance company doesn’t feel like they have to negotiate fairly with that law firm. They’re just waiting for the clock to run out.

That doesn’t happen with us, though. Insurance companies do not like to meet us in court. So, they realize they have to negotiate with us in a fair fashion. Otherwise, they run the risk of going to court with us where we’ll wipe them out. It’s all part of our process, how we go about getting our clients as much compensation as possible for everything that they’ve been through. We know that there’s nothing easy about being injured. This is part of why we make the consultation process so easy. All you have to do is give us a call at (818) 240-1800 or go to our site to set one up.

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