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LA Injury Law Big Rig Accident Attorney in LA Provides the Legal Help You Need

July 21, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Big rigs are a type of industrialized vehicles mainly utilized for transporting goods and products. These trucks are usually devised to move chiefly on authorized roads. Because they are massive, you can imagine the extent of damage it can make in an accident. An injured victim can contact a big rig accident attorney in LA from the best Los Angeles law firm for legal help.

How Frequently Big Rig Accidents Occur?

Regardless of its size, trucks roam the roads and susceptible to accidents like any other vehicle. However, there are various reasons why vehicular accidents happen.

The big rig driver is sometimes intoxicated with alcohol or drugs while driving. Or he does not have enough training for driving a truck. It could also be that he lost control of it for whatever reason. Moreover, slippery roads can cause tragic accidents not to mention over-speeding and reduced vision.   

In many circumstances, truck drivers may put other drivers’ lives at risk. Most often than not, it’s the deadline they need to meet that pressures them. They need to arrive at a specific destination at a given time that’s why they usually make haste.

Big Rig Accident Attorney in LA: Most Common Types of Truck Accidents

Whatever is the reason for truck accidents, a majority of these are highly treacherous. It usually results in fatalities and damages. Below are the most common types of truck accidents.

T-Bone: T-bone accidents happen when one vehicle crashes to the other side of another vehicle. This is also commonly known as broadside or side collisions. 

Blown-Out Tires: This happens when one or more tires burst while traveling on the road. It’s difficult to control a speeding truck with blown-out tires.

Blind Spots: The zone surrounding the vehicle that the driver can’t directly see is usually known as blind spots. 

Brakes Failure: Failure of brakes occurs when you lost lots of brake fluid. Worn brake pads can also cause the brakes to malfunction.

Jackknife: This big rig accident happens when the cab skids in one direction. The trailer, on the other hand, also goes in another direction. Most of the crashes, the truck overturns and becomes out of control because of its massive size. 

Big Rig Accident Attorney in LA

Rollovers: This accident arises due to ‘tripping” when a vehicle’s tire hits something uneven on the road. It can be a barrier, bump, or soft soil unsettling the forward motion of the car. This causes the vehicle to either roll forward or sideways.

Unchecked Loads: This is self-explanatory. Too much load makes it difficult for a big rig to move about. When it turns left or right, the load can fall either on both sides. The falling objects may hit other vehicles on the road. It is also possible that vehicles on the road will bump into these fallen cargoes. 

Under-Ride: Under-ride accidents happen when a smaller vehicle hit a slow-moving or stalled truck from the behind. It wasn’t able to small down or hit its brake and slides under the truck’s trailer. Moreover, this accident also occurs when a truck driver didn’t see a smaller vehicle before shifting lanes. This results in the vehicle to slide under the truck’s side. 

Steps You Need to Take Following a Big Rig Accident

If you sustained injuries due to a big rig accident, there are some steps you need to undertake. Obviously, you can’t do it alone that’s why you need the help of a big rig accident attorney. This is very important, especially if the accident involves an 18-wheeler truck.

  • Gather Evidence that Will Strengthen the Case

Gathering pieces of evidence vouch for your story of events makes it valid and important in the court. You need to acquire names, addresses, and contact numbers of the witnesses. Alternately, you can hire a big rig accident attorney to help you, especially if you incurred injury. 

The big rig accident attorney will likewise obtain ID and insurance information. It’s necessary for the defendant as well as the trucking company. Moreover, getting pictures of road conditions, weather, and time of day are all essential.

  • Secure Records of the Traffic Collision Investigation Report

The big rig accident attorney can secure reports of the investigation regarding the collision or accident. The police can provide the official record regarding the incident. 

  • Acknowledge Accountability to Anyone

An injured victim like you should not provide any statement to an insurance company. Let your big rig accident attorney talk to them. Don’t speak to them unless you want to jeopardize your claim.

Seeking Legal Assistance from a Big Rig Accident Attorney in LA

Any accident that involves a big rig can result to a huge settlement. In this case, you have to consult an LA Injury Group big rig accident attorney in LA. It provides the most comprehensive legal help with respect to personal injury cases. 

If you sustained an injury, someone needs to pay the damage he caused due to negligence. Call now at (818) 240-1800 and get a free case evaluation. You can also visit the website and check other services. 

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