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Glendale Personal Injury Attorney: Proving a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

December 20, 2019 
by LA Injury Group

Slip and fall accidents can be difficult to get all of the compensation that you deserve. You have to prove that the owner of the property is liable for an unsafe condition causing your accident. If you are not sure what to do, call our Glendale personal injury attorney today. We can help you file a claim for your slip and fall injury. 

Glendale Personal Injury Attorney 

Liability is one of the key issues in any slip and fall accident claim. To win your claim, you must prove that the property owner is responsible for your injuries. When you hire our personal injury lawyer, we will evaluate the potentially liable parties and find out if these parties were negligent. 

In a slip and fall claim, many insurance companies would make an argument that the injured party caused their own accident because of carelessness. But, to prove that the property owner is liable, you should verify that they recognized a dangerous condition and failed to remove it. 

Another thing to demonstrate is that the owner caused the hazardous condition that caused you to slip and fall. In a settlement negotiation, however, you will frequently recognize the word reasonable. 

glendale personal injury attorney

To be negligent, the property owner must fail to act as a prudent person. That is, the owner should have removed the dangerous condition before someone would slip and fall. 

In a claim, you must also verify that you did not cause your own accident. Of course, the owner will argue that you are partly responsible for the accident leading to your injuries. If the owner can prove that you are partly guilty, then your compensation will be greatly affected. If you were found to bear any level of responsibility, you may receive less (or even no) compensation. 

This is where our personal injury attorneys will come in. We can do everything in our power to prove to the court that you are not responsible for your accident. 

Here at LA Injury Group, we specialize in personal injury cases, especially slip and fall accidents. We managed to get more than $26 million in settlements for our clients. Our team will do everything to fight for what you deserve. We will use our more than ten years of experience in this field to help you win the case. 

Now, you may wonder how much your claim is worth. We cannot tell you the exact value of your claim before a settlement is agreed upon. That’s why we cannot promise or guarantee you a specific amount for your claim. What we can promise is that we will fight for you so you can get the highest possible amount you deserve. 

The damages you can recover will include physical, financial and property damages, among others. Our team consists of lawyers with a background in medicine. Thus, we are knowledgeable enough to help you get the best medical care possible for your slip and fall injuries. 

To contact our Glendale personal injury attorney today, please dial (818) 240-1800

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