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Glendale Personal Injury Attorney Advice

February 15, 2019 
by LA Injury Group

There is so much advice about what to do after you’ve been in an accident on the internet. Unfortunately, much of the advice online is wrong, misguided, or just out and out misleading. Our blogs serve as a corrective – we’re trying to balance out the misinformation. That way, you’re more informed about what to do after an accident, and ultimately empowered. In this blog, a member of our Glendale personal injury attorney team will give you advice about some things to keep in mind after an accident, as well as how we can help.

Glendale Personal Injury Attorney: It’s Not Over at Denial

If you’re like so many people who have been in a vehicular accident of some kind, you paid your car insurance. Over the years, you’ve paid your premiums, and at the time of your accident, you were fully paid up. So you expect compensation for your injuries. You weren’t at fault, you were just driving mindfully. This is how so many of us live: hoping that the insurance company will do the right thing.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So many of our clients come to us after the insurance company denied their claim. This can be a genuinely confusing and awful time. After all, you know that you have a claim, you know that you deserve to be compensated, and here’s the insurance company telling you that no, no you don’t. An experienced Glendale personal injury attorney is used to dealing with insurance companies.

Getting You What You Deserve

Our attorneys have helped so many people to get the compensation they deserve from the insurance company after their claims have been denied. The sad truth is that sometimes, insurance companies just deny claims. They do so capriciously, just denying some claims in bad faith. If you think about it, doing so can save them quite a bit of money. After all, not every person who has their claim denied is going to think to reach out to an attorney. So, the insurance company can afford to foot the bill for the clients who are wise enough to reach out to a group like ours.

That’s a bit cynical, and not every insurance company (or insurance company adjuster) operates like that. However, you won’t know until you have to file a claim after an accident. When you’re recovering from an accident, it’s normal to be vulnerable. After all, you’re recovering from a terrible accident – in many cases, one that’s genuinely life-threatening. It can feel like your entire world is upside down, and you’re just focused on your recovery.

This, of course, is what the insurance company is counting on. They’re hoping that you’ll be so overwhelmed, so nervous and weak, that you’ll just accept that you don’t have a claim. The main take away from this is that, even when your insurance company rejects your claim, and things feel they’re bleakest, there is hope. There is a way to get the compensation you deserve. That’s why you should reach out to a Glendale personal injury attorney at the LA Injury Group.

We have a proven track record of helping people to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. The insurance company may have rejected your claim, but that’s not the end of things. When you reach out to us at the LA Injury Group, we make sure that it’s the beginning. By fighting for your every step of the way, we work to get you the compensation you deserve for yourself as well as everyone in your life who’s counting on you. An accident is bad enough; you shouldn’t have to live with an insurance company that’s operating in bad faith, too.

glendale personal injury attorney

Low Ball Tactics

A few paragraphs back, we mentioned how the insurance company is counting on dealing with you in your weakened and vulnerable state. Sometimes, they may try to take advantage of that by denying your claim, yes. However, that’s not the only way the insurance company can take advantage of you during that time. Another, perhaps more common technique that many of their adjusters use is the “low ball” offer.

We should mention here that the insurance adjuster is never going to come across like a villain, or someone trying to keep you from being compensated for your injury. In fact, the opposite is most likely true: the insurance claims adjuster is going to seem like the friendliest person you’ve ever met. Charming, witty, warm and perhaps above all empathetic, they may come off like the best friend you’ve ever had. Of course, this will be amplified by the fact that enter your life at what might be your lowest moment: the immediate wake of a vehicular accident.

They’re trained to do this. So, when you need money (and very possibly a friend) this person comes into your life. They could tell you how terrible your accident was, how sorry they are for everything that you’ve been through, but, there is good news: they’ve got an offer from the insurance company. This can feel like a happy ending to what’s been a very sad story. Finally, for everything that you’ve been through, here’s someone offering money. You can close this chapter in your life and move on to something better.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely how this story goes. Typically, this first offer they make is small. Far too small. In practically all cases, it’s far smaller than what your case is worth. In many cases, it’s actually too small to pay for your medical bills and the like. So, this offer, which can seem so friendly at first, is really less “an offer” and more “another tactic.” It’s one more way for them to serve the insurance company’s ultimate goal: making sure that you get less money than you deserve for everything that you’ve been through.

Attorneys on Your Side

If you’ve been searching the internet, reading about personal injury attorneys and that kind of thing, you’ve probably seen some variation on “fighting for you” and “on your side” quite a bit. While those phrases have become clichés, they do come from somewhere. They are based in fact. For example, compared to the insurance company, our LA Injury Group absolutely is on your side. That’s clear enough just from how each of the different groups makes money. A Glendale personal injury attorney is here for you.

The insurance company’s entire business model is built upon making sure that you don’t receive the full payment you deserve for your injuries. The insurance company knows what every single kind of accident or personal injury claim is worth. They’ve been doing this for years, they have decades (or more) of research and history to back it up – so, as soon as they know the specifics of your accident, they can assign it a numerical value. Then, on their end, it simply becomes a question of making sure that you get less than that number. So long as you do, they make more money. Indeed, they only “win” if they get you to take less than your claim is worth.

Our personal injury group works in the exact opposite fashion. You’ve heard the phrase “we only get money if you do.” This is true. We only receive payment for our work if you get money. That’s what being paid “on contingency” is. The contingency is that we win your case. If we don’t, we don’t get paid. That’s how we’re always on your side: because we’re right in the thick of it with you. That being said, there are too many lawyers in our industry who only see clients as paychecks. We treat everyone who comes through our doors like family. To learn more, schedule a free consultation at (818) 240-1800 or message us through our site.

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