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Finest LA Rideshare Accident Lawyer

June 12, 2021 
by LA Injury Group

We turn to ridesharing services if we don’t have our own means of transportation. In Los Angeles, many people use Uber or Lyft to go to work or go someplace else. However, if you get into an accident and sustained injuries while riding a rideshare vehicle, you need to talk to the finest LA rideshare accident lawyer. This will ensure that your interests and rights are completely considered.

LA Rideshare Accident Lawyer

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is an agreement between a person and a vehicle owner who agree on a pickup location and venue using an app or website, in exchange for a fee. It allows passengers to reduce transport costs by taking rides with others using their own private cars. 

How Does Ridesharing Work?

Ridesharing is a game-changer in the world of transportation. Companies such as Uber and Lyft offered an exclusive black car service similar to the traditional taxi ride. 

Rideshare platforms require the use of a smartphone app to connect drivers and passengers in a locality. The driver needs to log into the app to specify their status online that they’re ready to accept a ride.   


Initially, the customer will choose a destination and asked for a pickup. The driver will get a notification and has the prerogative to either accept or refuse the request.  


After the rideshare driver accepted the request and picked up the passenger, he or she drives to the specified destination.


The driver arrives at the declared destination. This is where the conclusion of the trip takes place and the passengers step out of the rideshare vehicle.

The rideshare app generates the payment. Therefore, no transfer of funds happens between the driver and his passengers. Likewise, the app itself enables both drivers and passengers to evaluate each other. The rating system helps keep a quality level of service as well as respect for both parties.

Leading Causes of Rideshare Accidents in Los Angeles


Speed is the leading cause of the huge incidents of car accidents in Los Angeles. It includes ridesharing accidents such as Lyft and Uber


When the rideshare driver fails to a complete halt, a rideshare accident is sure to follow. This incident oftentimes happens because drivers don’t want to let go of the opportunity of earning more money.  


Rideshare riders generally don’t mind if they become too exhausted. It’s because they will receive bonuses and rewards if they have extended drive time and an additional number of rides.


Distraction during driving will always occur. That’s why rideshare drivers must fight the urge to use their phones while driving, especially when it’s not that important.


Rideshare entices drivers beyond Los Angeles who aren’t abreast with city roads and streets. They may drive carelessly, which increases the risk of accidents. 

Common Injuries Following a Rideshare Accident

Rideshare accidents are much the same as other types of vehicular accidents. However, the types of injuries that a majority of victims suffer in these collisions can be diverse. 


It's a natural reflex for victims to reflex their hands out when they see an accident about to occur. Their hands and wrists can suffer severe injuries such as broken fingers, torn ligaments, and broken wrists not to mention broken arms, lacerations, and cuts.


There are times that passengers will experience burns from fire or hot vehicle parts. It can cause considerable pain and discomfort aside from damaging the skin. A severe burn might even need corrective surgery that can result in scarring, deformity, and sometimes limited movement. 


These injuries are the most overlooked damage in a normal vehicular accident. It's important that victims have their knees and lower limbs checked.


A TBI can occur when the driver or its passenger knocks his or her head hard on the car’s window, dashboard, seat, or any solid or hard object. This injury can cause the brain to bruise, bleed, or tear. It can lead to lasting mental problems and other chronic impairments.  


Rideshare passengers usually ride in the back seat. Their head will possibly move violently forward or to the side in a collision and might even hit the front seat's rear or window.


The driver or passenger will suffer paralysis for the rest of their lives if they sustained spinal cord paralysis due to a ridesharing accident. 


This is the worst injury any passenger can get from a rideshare accident. In a case such as this, the rideshare driver and company can be held responsible for their negligence. 

In Need of the Finest LA Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

Meeting an accident on the road is one of the least things we don’t want to encounter. However, even if we are careful ourselves, others won’t be. If you or your loved ones suffered injuries while riding a rideshare cab in Los Angeles, better speak with the finest LA rideshare accident lawyer to evaluate your case.

We, at LA Injury Group, can offer you the best help from our finest team of rideshare accident lawyers.  Contact us at (818) 240-1800. Let’s talk about your case at no obligation.

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