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Caitlyn Jenner Hit with a Second Lawsuit from Her Car Accident

June 9, 2015 
by LA Injury Group

Just a few days ago Caitlyn Jenner, still riding a high of positive press from her Vanity Fair cover, announced that she planned to ask the court to throw out the first lawsuit filed against her stemming from a fatal car accident she was involved in back in February. Today it was announced that a second lawsuit has been filed.

The original suit was brought on by the step-children of Kim Howe’s whose car was rear ended by Jenner causing her car to enter the oncoming traffic lane where it was struck head-on and she was killed. Another driver involved in the accident, Jessical Steindorff has now filed suit against Jenner for property damage and personal injury.

While there have been no criminal charges filed, a criminal investigation is still underway. Investigators expect to present the evidence to the district attorney in mid-July.

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