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Accident Lawyer News: Alexander Barrientos Killed in San Bernardino's Head-On Car Crash

October 20, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Accident Lawyer News: Alexander Barrientos, 26 years old, was found dead after a two-vehicle accident last October 16, 2020, at San Bernardino, California. 

According to the police authorities, Barrientos was identified as a passenger of a 2016 Nissan Sentra that got hit head-on by a two-door sports coupe at around 4:02 in the afternoon. The sports coupe reportedly changed direction towards the opposite traffic lanes at Highland Avenue. 

Unfortunately, Barrientos was seated in the front passenger of Nissan, which led to his tragic death at the scene. No further details were released right after the accident as the Major Accident Investigation Team of the San Bernardino Police Department is still investigating the said accident. 

Accident Lawyer News: Understanding The Process of a Fatal Head-On Accident Investigation

The driver of the two-door sports coupe is liable for veering to the opposite side, which resulted in the head-on crash that led to Mr. Barrientos's death. During the investigation, the Major Accident Investigation Team of the San Bernardino Police Department needs to determine the cause of the sports coupe's transition to strike head-on the Nissan car.

In California, traffic accidents have been rampant over the years. These accidents have led to tragic injury deaths that took 48 out of California's 100,000 population for 2018 alone. The most common cause of a traffic accident, specifically a head-on accident, is driver error. However, fatal injury deaths can happen when the driver is distracted, drunk, overspeeding, or worse, under the influence of illegal substances. The effects of these accidents aside from death is a Traumatic Brain Injury that leads to permanent disability, lasting pain and suffering, and inability to live life normally due to the severe injuries. 

When severe, stressful, and frustrating events like this happen, it is essential to ask for help from a respectable law firm that could undergo another investigation in the crash site. This decision ensures preserving the shreds of evidence for the victim's advantage to proceed with a well-documented and well-prepared claim successfully. 

It is important to note that this must be done as soon as the accident took place. This way, the attorney can proceed with the proper investigation by following essential steps to ensure all sides of the case are well-examined. Moreover, the attorney can interview the witnesses, check and analyze the car's surveillance or dash cams, and collect relevant information from the liable party's phone call and text records.  

Occasionally, the liable party or anyone could alter, damage, or take out the pieces of evidence while the investigation is on-going. Thus, it is vital to contact a trusted attorney to help protect the head-on crash victims' rights. It is always the attorney's best interest to ensure that this case will not be shouldered alone by the victim, as attorneys took an oath to stick and help bring out nothing but the truth. 

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LA Injury Group’s Wrongful Death Attorney Works With Head-On Crash Victims

Despite the on-going investigation of the police authorities, Mr. Barrientos' family may be granted a wrongful death claim that includes the compensation of the funeral and burial expenses, loss of life and companionship, lasting pain and suffering, and emotional and mental trauma. 

A wrongful death pertains to an incident where another person's negligence or act causes a person's death. The fatal death caused by a head-on car crash can be too devastating and frustrating on the family's behalf. Therefore, a wrongful death attorney works hand-in-hand with the victim's family to get the deserved compensation on behalf of the loved one's death. The compensation may not suffice the loss of life of a loved one, but it helps the victim's family, in one way or another, to recover from the tragic accident.

The respectable and experienced wrongful death attorneys of LA Injury Group will ensure that the family receives the justice that they deserve. The attorneys work well with experts to ensure that the liable person has to take responsibility for their negligent and unacceptable actions by receiving the just and right consequences they have to face. The LA Injury Group’s wrongful death attorneys provide the necessary legal, emotional, and mental support towards the family during these trying times. 

Accident Lawyer News: Contact LA Injury Group's Wrongful Death Attorney Today!

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