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Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Who Fights For You

October 12, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

The most overused cliché that you here in terms of lawyers and attorneys is “fights.” He fights for your rights, he fights in court, they fight for you, everyone fights – as if the law is just one large MMA ring where everything is decided. In the law, unlike say, an actual physical altercation, the “fight” is an argument. You need to win an argument, not be able to punch the other side’s lights out, so to speak. To give yourself the best chance to win the argument, you need an experienced arguer, backed by plenty of resources, who has a track record of this sort of thing. That’s what our accident attorney in Los Angeles can do for you.

Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Advice

One reason that the phrase “fights” is so associated with attorneys and lawyers is that it’s a simple word to understand that explains quite a bit. “Fights” certainly sounds better than “files many papers on your behalf” and so forth. Another reason that the word “fights” comes up quite a bit is that people get genuinely upset when they hear what an insurance company typically does to someone in this kind of case, or they see what the insurance company tries to do. Once you’re exposed to the tactics of the insurance company, “fights” makes a lot more sense as a phrase.

The insurance company often sends some kind of adjuster or other professional to someone who’s just been in an accident and tells them many things. All of these things the insurance company adjuster says are meant to get the person to get less compensation than they deserve for everything they’ve been through in the court case. One of the most pernicious things the insurance company adjuster says is “you don’t need an attorney for your case.” At the moment, that may make sense. We understand how people could feel that way. But it’s the last thing you want to do when you’ve just been in an accident. Some injuries may not go away, so it makes sense to get as much help as you can.  

For someone who’s just been through an accident, nothing is easy. It can be extremely hard to just get through your regular day. For many people, no day is actually regular. You may be in recovery, you may have to deal with all kinds of new challenges to your way of life that you didn’t have before. Between all of that, as well as a host of new money concerns that you didn’t anticipate having to deal with; it’s perfectly understandable that you wouldn’t want to have to reach out to an attorney who deals with accidents. However, it’s one of the first things you should do as soon as you’re able.

Thoughts about Insurance Companies

If the insurance companies gave people what they deserved in compensation after they were hurt in an accident, then sure, you wouldn’t need an attorney. You could just take the first settlement from the insurance company, recover, and then be on your way. That would be the optimum state of affairs. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. The insurance company just wants to make money off of you. All their actions, from the moment they learn of your accident, are taken to advance towards the goal of not giving you the compensation you deserve. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Any other analysis of their activity is a rationalization.

So, when the insurance company sends an adjuster that says “you don’t need to get an attorney,” remember what they’re actually saying to you. The real thing this adjuster is saying is: “we don’t want you to try and get more money that you deserve.” They’re saying “we want to make sure you and the ones you love get less money than you should have for all of your pain and suffering.” Obviously, that doesn’t roll off of the tongue quite as easily as “you don’t need an attorney,” but they’re synonymous with each other.

accident attorney in Los Angeles

Once you have hired an attorney, then the insurance company can get to work on their other tactics of making sure that you get less money than you should. A tactic many companies use is a simple one: delay. For whatever reason, really for any reason, they’ll delay as long as possible. If there’s a way to hold up the process, to drag something out, they’ll delay it as much as possible. They’re betting that you aren’t going to see it through. They believe that if they can hold out long enough, then you’ll just take the money they’re offering and won’t get what you really deserve. It’s a tactic that’s worked for them many times in the past.

Why a Law Firm Matters

The insurance company has essentially endless resources. This isn’t an exaggeration; it’s a statement of financial fact. Insurance companies aren’t really “mom and pop” stores down by the street corner. They’re huge, multinational corporations. They have commercials that run all over the internet, television and everything else. You can probably name about a dozen insurance companies off of the top of your head simply from their commercial spots. That’s how big insurance companies are. They certainly are going to have more resources than anyone who’s just been in an accident.

So, they do everything they can to wait you out. They want you to be desperate and give in. they want you to blink, and they’re willing to bluff to do it. Of course, these are all more reasons that you need a member of our accident attorney in Los Angeles team on your side. With us helping you, you can stand up the insurance company. Moreover, you can stand up to the insurance company in a way that they’ll understand: in terms of resources. Here at the LA Injury Group, we have the resources to stand up to the insurance companies. We aren’t going to be cowed, overwhelmed or swamped by everything that they can throw at you.

Many Kinds of Resources

When we say we have the resources to match the insurance companies, we mean that in a multitude of ways. Remember, it’s not just that insurance companies have money; it’s that they can spend in ways to make their case stronger. So, in turn, they do everything they can to ensure that you get less money than you deserve. For example, an insurance company can pay for the best investigators to investigate how you got injured. These pros will go to the site, talk to everyone, and paint things in the most unflattering light for you. They’ll make you look as bad as possible, in hopes that this will sway your case.

But, when you have an accident attorney in Los Angeles from the LA Injury Group by your side, that won’t happen. See, we have the resources to get great investigators on your side, too. So, when their investigators try to paint that not so rosy picture of you, we’ll have the evidence and facts on our side, too. We’ll have what our investigators found to bolster you claims. That way, the insurance company won’t be able to lie and bluff their way through what happened. They won’t be able to steamroll you, because you’ll be with the LA Injury Group.

The LA Injury Group

Of course, investigators are just one way that the LA Injury Group can help your case. We can also get the best experts to help you and so much more. Everyone on our team understands how it’s difficult to contact attorneys after you’ve been through an accident. That’s why we tried to make it as simple as possible. All you have to do is give us a call at (818) 240-1800 or send us a message. That’s how easy it is to schedule a free consultation.

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