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December 9, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

Everyone has an image in their mind of what a Los Angeles injury lawyer is. You can probably already see it in your mind’s eye: well dressed, suitcase, that kind of thing. However, there’s a lot more to being a great injury attorney than the image. Being an injury attorney is about helping people to get all the compensation they deserve for everything that they’ve had to go through. In this blog, we’ll lay out a bit of what our attorneys can do for you. Along the way, we’ll touch on some of why you’d want attorneys from our firm to stand up for you against the insurance companies.

A Los Angeles Injury Lawyer for You

The process begins by you scheduling a free consultation with us. You can do that either through a phone call or by sending a message through our site. Then, we sit down to talk to you. This is one of our favorite parts of the process, as we get to meet someone new and see how we can help them. From there, we’ll make a determination about how we can best help you to get the compensation you deserve for your case. We collect evidence, interview the pertinent witnesses, and then build a case for you. We represent you in negotiations, so that you get as much as you deserve.

It’s important to note that when you come to the LA Injury Group, you get an experienced attorney assigned to you. We know how important your case is to you. We know that this is your life and we treat it with that level of importance. So, that’s why we always make sure that you’re given an attorney who is experienced with your kind of case. Too many other firms let you meet with their senior staff initially, and then dump your case off to someone new. That doesn’t happen here. Your case is always dealt with by someone who knows what they’re doing; someone who’s been there before.

Deadlines and More

Some kinds of injury cases (such as wrongful death cases) tend to have important, critical deadlines. Not meeting these deadlines can have great repercussions for your case. That’s why we make sure that we handle all of the paperwork for our clients. After all, when you’ve been injured, you have a lot to focus on. You have to recover; you have to focus on getting better so that you can return to your life. You don’t need to be concerned with paperwork; with having to file things. By taking care of this paperwork for you, we see it as one more way that our firm can give you peace of mind.

Beyond that, we handle all of the complicated “legalese” too. We know how legal forms sound. Indeed, they’re meant to sound that way. Insurance companies are always looking to trip people up by getting them to sign forms that they don’t fully understand in hopes that they’ll give up the compensation they’re due. That doesn’t happen with us on your case. We review all paperwork from the insurance company first. That way, the insurance company has to negotiate fairly with us. It’s how we can better look out for our clients.

Your Los Angeles Injury Lawyer1

Gathering Evidence

Often, there’s an investigation in a personal injury case. The other side will investigate. Typically, when it’s an insurance company on the other side, they can mount quite an impressive investigation. Remember, the insurance company has resources that are basically endless. They can bring in whoever they want. The most respected experts doing the most thorough investigation – that’s what the insurance company can bring to the table. And, of course, you can rest assured that if there’s any way to make it seem like even the slightest bit your fault, the insurance company’s investigators will be sure to play that up. This is why you need a law firm like the LA Injury Group on your side.

Here at the LA Injury Group, we have a great team of investigators, too. We can bring the very best investigators, too. The difference is, our investigators will be looking for the truth. Instead of trying to show how it was your fault, they’ll be looking for what really happened. Then, that allows us to make your case all that much more compelling. If you get a lesser law firm that doesn’t quite have the resources that we do here, then you won’t have that same caliber of investigators on your side. Instead of putting yourself at that level of disadvantage, you want a personal injury law firm on your side that can stand toe to toe with the insurance company.

Bear in mind “investigate” means a lot more than just “examine the area.” For example, say you’re hurt in a car accident that was the fault of the other person. An investigator from our firm could find out what the road conditions were, what happened to the other person that day before they were in the accident, their history, and all manner of other information that could be critically important. On top of that, our investigators can talk to all of the relevant witnesses and get the information from them. By combining all of this information, we can give you a case that will stand up in court.


That being said, not all personal injury cases end up in court. In fact, not that many do. A majority of these cases are resolved through negotiations. This is another place where you’ll want a law firm that’s been there before. Insurance companies aren’t afraid of a small or inexperienced law firm. Typically, they don’t feel that they have to negotiate fairly with them. This is with good reason: law firms that don’t have much court experience or success can be beaten in court easily by an insurance company’s attorneys. So, they have no real reason to negotiate with them.

That dynamic is entirely reversed if you sign with the LA Injury Group. We have a proven track record of beating insurance companies in court. So, they know that if the case does go to court, they’re in quite a bit of trouble. This behooves them to negotiate fairly, to make you a settlement that you deserve. That being said, we only take a settlement if we feel it’s a good enough one for our clients. Too many other law firms just take the first settlement the insurance company offers. They do this just to get a check. We don’t take a settlement until you say so, and we don’t stop fighting until we get you what you deserve.

As a personal injury law firm, we can help you with your injury case. In fact, we handle all different kinds of injury cases. We’ve helped so many clients who were injured in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a semi truck accident, or they were walking on the street and hit by a vehicle. Another kind of case we deal with quite a bit are “slip and fall” cases. If you slip, fall and get hurt on someone else’s property, they could be at fault for your injury. That means that they would have to pay for your medical bills as well as other forms of compensation.

To find out if you have a case, you can always contact us at our site or by calling us at (818) 240-1800. We always recommend that prospective clients who feel they have a case should contact us as quickly as possible. There are certain deadlines that you want to be able to hit with these cases. We can take care of that (as well as the rest of your personal injury case) for you so that you can focus on healing.

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