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Work with the Best Big Rig Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

September 12, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

In California, serious big rig accidents frequently happen.  Trucking companies have the responsibility and legal duty to operate safely on the road. When a huge truck crash takes place, the ramification is really devastating. It’s in your best interest to talk to big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles.

What Causes Truck Accidents?


Defective tires and brakes may also cause serious truck accidents. Authorities assume that the majority of massive commercial trucks use faulty tires. These can’t handle uniform speeds of 75 mph or more.


According to various truck accident cases, almost 45% of drivers take prescription drugs or take medication. Some of them use marijuana while others use cocaine as a stimulant. Other drivers involved in the accident have alcohol in their bodies.


Truck drivers always need to make haste to meet the deadline for their delivery. This makes them overworked and has no time to rest.  


A trucking accident also occurs when a truck switches lanes but on one of its blind spots is another vehicle. Most vehicle drivers don’t know of these blind spots that’s why they don’t take precautions.


Apart from overworked, truck drivers might also yield to diverted driving. They are multitaskers and does almost everything at the same time while driving.


Cargoes that are not securely loaded can also cause truck accidents and it slipped from the truck itself. It may fall over on other vehicles on the road when the truck takes a turn.

Big Rig Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Significant Reasons for Hiring Big Rig Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

It’s a fact that big rig accident cases are one-of-a-kind and handling it yourself is difficult. You’ll need the help of intellectual and competent big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles for the following important reasons:

  • Big rig accidents usually involve more than one party
  • The trucking industry is a complicated line of service and covers several statutes and regulations
  • Big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles are experts in negotiating with settlements

How Big Rig Accident Lawyers Los Angeles Can Help with Your Case?

Big Rig Accident lawyers Los Angeles can help you with your case in more ways than one. We’ll organize their own investigation of where the accident happened. Doing so enables us to better understand what really transpired.

Also, we’ll conduct interviews with people who witnessed the accident. Through probing of the scene and witnesses’ interviews, reestablishing the scene of the accident is possible. We’ll have you meet our proficient medical experts. It will help you better understand the degree of your injuries. 

Afterward, we’ll start the settlement procedure with the defendant’s insurance company. We’re here to defend your rights because they will also hire lawyers on their end. Their main objective is to reduce your compensation. Hiring big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles will help level the playing field. Expect that insurance companies typically didn’t agree to a satisfactory settlement. Don’t worry because we’re always primed to go to court for you to acquire the compensation you deserve. 

Validating Accountability Following a Truck Accident

In a huge truck accident, the issue of accountability is much more complicated compared to a car accident. It usually involves more people and not just the drivers. The big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles will validate who is possibly accountable for your damages. Assuming that all are liable parties can considerably raise the amount of settlement you’ll receive. 


The trucking company is possibly responsible because maybe it knows that its driver is not well-trained. The company might have also failed to perform an in-depth background check on the driver. If this is the case, we can say that there’s a sharing of liability. This is regardless of the employee evidently showed negligent behaviors which resulted in the accident. The trucking company can shoulder at least some of the responsibility.


It’s likely that the truck driver is the only person or partly accountable for the big rig accident. He is perhaps exhausted, intoxicated, driving irresponsibly, inexpert, or even diverted. If the company knows that the driver is working too hard, the company itself assumes liability.


In some cases, the fault befalls on the truck manufacturer due to a particular defect in the equipment itself. This will hold the manufacturer responsible for the accident. The brakes must have failed or a substandard tire blew. 


It’s also possible that the truck maintenance firm failed to do its duty. For instance, they left the tires, brakes, and other sections of the truck unchecked. 


The truck loading firm is also likely to become liable when a badly secured load caused the accident. It should make sure that the load is safely secured. 

The accountability for a trucking accident can be usually measured out between many people and entities. It can be also directly associated with an individual or an entity. Only the big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles can assure that liability is accurately charged. Moreover, the victim should obtain a fair settlement. 

Talk to the Big Rig Accident Lawyers Los Angeles Today

Seeking legal help is the best decision you’ll make when you or a loved one encountered a truck accident. Talk to our big rig accident lawyers Los Angeles today at LA Injury Group for a free case evaluation. You can reach us at (818) 240-1800. Call now because we’re here to listen and address your issue.

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