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What to Do After a Hit and Run Car Accident?

July 18, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Have you recently been involved in a hit and run car accident? If so, then you definitely need to read this article. Hit and run car accidents are some of the deadliest vehicular incidents in the world. 

Unfortunately, thousands of people are killed during these accidents every day. The concerning thing about these accidents is the complete disregard for human life. Many hit and run accidents cause severe injuries, yet the other driver completely leaves the scene.

This is illegal in every state in the United States, and if you were involved in a hit and run accident, you shouldn’t be forced to recoup the losses from your injury. Keep reading below to find out how LA Injury Group's car accident lawyers in LA can help you get what you rightfully deserve.

Immediately Stop Your Car After a Car Accident

A lot of people believe that once they are involved in a hit and run accident, they should drive away. This is also illegal and not very good common sense. For one, if you are possibly injured, you could forfeit all opportunity to collect compensation.

That will leave you forced to pay for your own medical expenses and vehicle damages. For this reason, stop your vehicle. 

hit and run car accident

Call 911 After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Calling 911 after a hit and run accident is extremely important. Since hit and run accidents are undeniably against the law, calling the police will allow you to record your statement and confirm that the incident did happen.

Once this happens, the ball will continue rolling and the police will launch an investigation. Calling the police will also help send over the ambulance to assist you just in case you are injured. 

Try to Find Bystanders After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Since the other driver is nowhere to be found, you should try to find bystanders who may have witnessed the accident. If you can find just one bystander, that would be ideal to strengthen your case in court.

Many hit and run car accidents go to criminal court since hit and run is against the law. Though, the burden of proof is still on you to prove that it happened with the right driver at the scene.

Bystanders can reinforce your case, so you should do your due diligence in finding them before it’s too late. 

Collect Evidence After a Hit and Run Car Accident

Depending on whether or not you find a bystander, you should immediately collect evidence of the accident. You can start by taking pictures of your car and signs of wreckage. 

Now, there are several situations where a driver may hit you and stop their vehicle, only to leave promptly. If you can, you should take a picture of their vehicle to incriminate them. Collecting evidence is the best way to strengthen your hit and run car accident case before it goes to court. 

Receive Medical Attention

After a hit and run car accident, you should receive medical attention. Again, many hit and run accidents cause severe injuries. One injury you should watch out for is whiplash. For some, the effects of whiplash are immediate. 

For others, it may take a few hours for the effects to take place. The last thing you want to endure is long-term injuries caused by your accident that you could have prevented. Therefore, once the ambulance arrives, receive all of the medical attention you can. 

These trained individuals may save your life. This is a very important step in this process. 

Go To The Hospital

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you should also go to the hospital. If your injuries are not severe, then you can generally receive treatment in the ambulance and go home.

Say your injuries need more attention, visit the hospital voluntarily. If any additional care needs to be rendered, accept it. During your case, you can argue to receive compensation to cover these medical expenses. 

Now, if you have to visit rehab, you can also argue to receive compensation to cover these expenses after your hit and run car accident. Most importantly, take care of your health first. You can worry about everything else later after you’ve been taken care of. 

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

The final thing you should do after a hit and run car accident is to contact a personal injury lawyer. Doing so will open up the door to receive fair compensation for your injuries and justice. 

Do not hesitate to call the LA Injury Group, if you’re looking for a premier personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. 

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