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What Should I Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

March 29, 2024 
by LA Injury Group

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer - Choosing the best attorney to represent you is frequently the most important step toward a full recovery. Whatever it takes, ensure that you get the best legal representation following a personal injury.[1]

Where can I find a Specialized Personal Injury Attorney?

You should research the attorneys in your area, just like you would with any significant decision. Asking the correct questions will help you determine whether the personal injury lawyer you choose to meet with to discuss your case has a successful track record.

At LA Injury Group, we have a competent team of attorneys who can help you win your case,

What Should I Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer - Referrals and Ratings by Colleagues

For a significant personal injury case, how can one locate an excellent attorney? You have the option to go through resources before choosing which attorney to call for a consultation. Investigating a lawyer's credentials through sites that rank personal injury attorneys according to what other attorneys and rival attorneys have to say about them is one of the most trustworthy methods to do it. Please be aware that peer assessment by other attorneys is the only formal ranking system available to personal injury attorneys. These are some peer-reviewed rating systems you ought to look at:

Over a million attorneys nationwide have their peer review ratings available on the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry. It releases brief profiles of these solicitors. Martindale-Hubbell has served as the most reputable source of accurate and dependable information about American lawyers for more than 130 years.[2] An "AV" rating is the highest indication of skill, experience, honesty, and general professional competence and designates a lawyer or law firm with very high to exceptional legal abilities. Attorneys for attorneys create the Martindale-Hubbell ratings, which state that: unmistakably demonstrates a display of the highest ethical and professional expectations.

America's Top Attorneys

The attorneys featured in Best Lawyers have been chosen as the greatest in 58 different disciplines, including medical malpractice and personal injury law, by their peers.

Top Notch Attorneys

An annual list of exceptional lawyers from over 80 practice areas who have achieved a high level of professional performance and peer recognition is called Super Lawyers. To identify attorneys who have achieved a high level of professional performance and peer recognition, Law & Politics conducts the research, polling, and selection of Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers are only five percent (5%) of all attorneys in each state.[3]

Inquire from your Lawyer about the extent to which He Receives Referrals from Colleagues

Ask the local solicitors who practice personal injury law if you'd like to know who the best solicitors in your area are. It's critical to ascertain whether a sizable portion of a lawyer's workload is derived from lawyer referrals. Professionals who work in any sector or profession are typically aware of who is good and who is not. It could be wise to start with a friend or attorney you know who practices law. Even if they don't deal with injury cases, they almost certainly know of colleagues who do, and they can put you in touch with personal injury or negligence attorneys who are regarded as the greatest in your area by their peers.

Take Caution over Attorneys Who Solicit for Representation Following an Injury

More and more personal injury attorneys are employing chasers or runners to get traffic accident records written by state and local police. A staff member of the law firm will go through the accident reports once they are received to locate the name and address of the accident victim. Subsequently, the accident victim will receive a solicitation letter from the law office by mail, stating that the firm is prepared and eager to represent them in a personal injury lawsuit. It is not unusual in our town for a victim of an accident to get fifteen or twenty requests for information from law firms. Certain legal companies may even have an employee call the accident victim to inquire as to whether they received the solicitation communications. These businesses will send follow-up letters even after the initial communication is sent.[4]

Why do some law firms use solicitation letters?

Most law firms that use solicitation letters do so because they are a high volume, quick turnover business. They send out hundreds, often thousands, of solicitation letters in the hopes of getting responses to their bulk mailings since they are having trouble getting referrals from happy clients or other attorneys. It's safe to assume that people who hire a lawyer based only on a solicitation notice they receive in the mail aren't thoroughly investigating the legal practice before making the decision.

Many states are already passing legislation and regulations that forbid attorneys from contacting accident victims with solicitation letters.

All Attorneys Offer Free Initial Consultation save where Recovery is required

Every accident lawyer rapidly discovers that they all make the same promises if they have ever seen or received any kind of advertisement from personal injury firms, whether it be through TV commercials, the Yellow Pages, websites, direct mail solicitation letters, etc.

A lawyer is not providing you with anything unusual if they offer you a "free consultation" and state that they won't charge you unless there is a recovery in your case (this is known as a "contingent fee" arrangement). A personal injury attorney who focuses on representing clients will almost always make the same offer.[5]

How do I know if a Lawyer is Well Braced to Carry out my Case?

As previously mentioned, filing a lawsuit involving severe or catastrophic bodily injury can be exceedingly costly. In a normal medical malpractice case, for instance, there may be three, six, or even more medical specializations involved. To address issues specific to each field, an expert witness must be called. Experts in accident reconstruction, trucking safety, and the nature and extent of a client's injuries (such as treating physicians, life care planners, vocational experts, economists, etc.) may be called upon in a serious injury lawsuit against a trucking company. A lawyer may take shortcuts at the expense of their client's case if they are unable to adequately fund the lawsuit.

Alternatively, a client can feel under duress to accept a lowball settlement. Hiring an attorney with the financial wherewithal to pursue a matter to trial, if required, pays off.[8]

Does the Attorney in Question Ordinarily Handle Similar Cases?

A few solicitors work as general practitioners, managing a wide range of issues, sometimes involving personal injury. You should work with an attorney who regularly handles personal injury cases if you have a significant claim. A common practice lawyer finds it nearly impossible to keep up with all the changes in medical malpractice and personal injury law due to the complexity of the legal profession. The majority of solicitors retained by insurance providers to defend personal injury claims are skilled professionals whose sole focus is on personal injury case law. When facing a law practice that specializes in personal injury defense, a general practitioner is likely to be significantly outmatched.

What Experience Does this Attorney Hold in Personal Injury Claims?

Regardless of their length of practice, most attorneys who represent clients in instances involving personal injury or medical negligence charge the same "contingent" fee to victims of those injuries. You should seriously consider selecting the more seasoned attorney if one with only three years of experience is going to charge you the same amount as another with twenty-five years of experience and one hundred personal injury jury cases under their belt. The result of your case may vary significantly depending on the experience of your attorney.

How Often Does This Attorney Prosecute Matters in Court?

The general public tends to think that all personal injury attorneys frequently appear in court and trial cases. There is nothing more false than this. Many attorneys who identify as "trial lawyers" or "personal injury lawyers" have little to no experience trying cases before juries. Asking the attorney if and how frequently they take cases to trial in court should be among your initial queries. Asking this crucial inquiry is something that many laypeople never consider doing.

Impact of hiring an experienced attorney on having a quick and sufficient settlement from an insurance company

Personal injury defense attorneys are familiar with both trial-level injury attorneys and non-trial attorneys. Insurance providers assess their risk using that data. When a significant claim is received, an insurance adjuster will typically inquire about the following first: Who ordinarily prosecutes the case?

To receive the most money possible in a settlement for your case, there is just one option. The insurance company needs to have faith in your attorney's ability, willingness, and readiness to take the matter to trial. Be ready to accept a large reduction on your case if you choose to work with an attorney who consistently settles out of court.

Has the Lawyer been Training other Attorneys in the Field?

Professional colleagues hold solicitors who frequently teach at continuing legal education seminars or legal education seminars in high regard. Other solicitors are interested in hearing what they have to say, therefore they are invited to speak at legal education seminars. Regular contributors to legal periodicals are typically highly knowledgeable and respected experts in their fields. On their websites, a lot of personal injury attorneys list the subjects of their publications or speaking engagements. You should look up a lawyer's website or request a copy of their resume to find out if they write articles about personal injury litigation or instruct other attorneys in the latest advancements in personal injury law.

Does the Attorney belong to groups of Attorneys practicing on personal injuries?

Lawyers committed to representing injured victims are organized into both national and state organizations. Legal education initiatives and publications are supported by these organizations. Additionally, they engage in consumer rights lobbying. The American Association of Justice (AAJ) is the most well-known national organization. The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) is a statewide association of plaintiff lawyers in the state of Indiana that is committed to defending the rights of those who have been hurt. It is possible to locate an attorney who is not affiliated with any of these associations, but why would you want that attorney to handle your case in the event of a catastrophic injury lawsuit?

Is the concerned Attorney certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy?

The medical field has long used the board certification system, which is a testing and peer review process. The purpose of board certification is to recognize medical professionals who possess experience in a specific specialization or subspecialty. The legal system has started to mimic the board certification procedure in medicine in recent years. A nationwide organization called the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) offers a board certification procedure for civil trial attorneys.

The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification is a broader organization that certifies lawyers, and it includes the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Only lawyers with substantial judicial and trial preparation experience are eligible to receive NBTA certification as civil trial attorneys. Before being certified as a civil trial attorney by the NBTA, an applicant needs to have experience in courtrooms and pass an all-day exam.

Common Concerns Before Retaining an Attorney

Here are some questions to ask personal injury attorneys you are presently interviewing to make sure you have chosen the best one for your needs:

  • In which areas of law are you an expert or experienced practitioner?
  • Have you already dealt with an issue similar to mine? If yes, what was the result?
  • How many cases involving personal injuries have you handled in the past? At now, how many cases are you managing?
  • How much time do you think my case will take to get resolved?
  • How frequently might I anticipate hearing from you about my case? Will you be reachable immediately if I have any questions?
  • The insurance company's offer does not satisfy me, will you bring a lawsuit on my behalf?
  • How much do you charge? What clauses are in your agreement for legal services? Before you sign, make sure to clarify any points you are unclear about in the agreement by asking questions!
  • Could you give me the names and contact information of a few of your past customers as references?

Lastly, follow your instincts! Your attorney should be knowledgeable, approachable, and able to instill trust in you by promising to fight for you no matter what.[9]

Related FAQs

Q: What duration have you been handling personal injury claims?

A: Clients want to know how long the lawyer has been practicing law and whether they have handled issues similar to their own.

Q: Which kinds of personal injury lawsuits are your areas of expertise?

A: Certain categories of personal injury cases, like auto accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, medical negligence, etc., are the areas of expertise for certain lawyers.

Q: How many Personal Injury Cases Have You Successfully Prosecuted?

A: Clients want to discover if the lawyer has a history of winning cases and getting their clients favorable judgments or settlements.

How much do you charge as legal fees?

Customers want to know if the lawyer bills on an hourly basis, on a contingency fee basis (where the lawyer only gets paid if they win the case), or on any mix of the two.

What is the Average Duration for my Case?

A reasonable timetable for the case's resolution is something that clients want to know, albeit it can change based on things like the case's complexity and if a trial is necessary.

Will you be the only attorney working on my case, or will someone else or a paralegal take over?

Inquiries from clients include who will be managing their case and whether they will be able to speak with the lawyer directly at any point during the proceedings.

What is the manner of exchange of Correspondence and Communication?

Clients are interested in knowing what channels of contact will be used and how often they can anticipate updates on their issues.

What Expertise do you have in engaging insurance carriers?

Clients are interested in knowing if the lawyer has experience dealing with insurance companies because a lot of personal injury cases entail these conversations.

Is it a must that my Claim Reaches Court Trial?

If their case does go to trial, clients want to know how likely it is and whether the lawyer has trial expertise. While your case may not necessarily reach the stage of proceeding to court, there are certain situations in which your case can reach trial.

It is important to note that the insurance companies would ordinarily look into the strengths and weaknesses of your case before reaching out with an offer for settlement. In the event that the insurance company believes that you have a great chance at succeeding in court, they would aim to ensure that your case should not proceed to trial. The principal reason for this is that they are aware of the likelihood of the court giving an award that they may not be in control of and would therefore avoid going to trial for cases with a high likelihood of success.

Can you Provide Ratings from your Past Clients?

To learn more about the reputation of the lawyer and the experiences of previous customers, clients can inquire about references or testimonials.

There are several factors to be considered when hiring an attorney for personal injury representations. LA Injury Group has a competent team of attorneys to assist you in handling your personal injury claim. Contact us today through our contacts available on our website.

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LA Injury Group Lawyers will be available to you 24/7 and throughout the year. They are committed to ensuring that your claim for personal injury is resolved in the best way possible. We urge you to contact us immediately after an accident occurs so we can guide you through the compensation process.

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