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What can you get from a slip and fall lawsuit?

January 4, 2019 
by LA Injury Group

Accidents happen, but sometimes you may realize that your life had been endangered by someone else’s mistake. When you’re hundred percent sure that your life wouldn’t have been in danger if someone did everything according to rules, then it’s the right time to find a slip and fall lawyer and start a lawsuit

There are many doubts and questions which immediately arise when a you opt to initiate the lawsuit. Most of them are focused on the amount of money you can expect to get at the end of the process. So, first look at the factors which increase the value of your claim and then look for personal injury lawyer Los Angeles.


The importance of medical bills

Slip and fall death claim is a pretty serious claim which can, depending on the case, get you a large amount of money. You must know that there is no guaranteed forfeit value, so before making any legal move, make sure that your case is worth filing a lawsuit.

Before you hire LA personal injury lawyer, let’s see what things you need to see on your checklist.

The medical bills are of great importance when it comes to the estimation of a forfeit value. The more money you spent on the treatment expenses, the more value your forfeit will get. A valid slip and fall claim is mostly worth as much as your medical bills. The amount of money you spent on getting the treatment for the injuries is the minimal amount you may expect.

What can you get from a slip and fall lawsuit1


The value of wages you lost because of the injury

This may be one of the most important things that can add up to the value of your slip and fall claim. Perhaps you got injured in a way that you weren’t able to show up at work for some time. If that caused the decrease in your payment, it could significantly increase the value of your claim.

It’s crucial that you get your employer to verify the amount of time you weren’t able to work. The verification is the strongest as it provides the judge with evidence which is extremely hard to object.

Things concerning the loss of earning capacity

If an injury made you incapable of doing your work temporarily, or even worse, permanently, you should use that as possibly the most solid argument which significantly increases the value of your claim.

Keep in mind that you can’t show up in court, without an expert, who’s most usually a vocational rehabilitation specialist, to support your claim with a testimony.

If the court decides that the injuries you suffered directly caused your permanent inability to do the job that you’ve been specialized for, then you can expect one of two possible scenarios. The first one is that you’ll be paid for further specialization in a different field of work. The second scenario you might expect to become real is that the court will compensate for your injuries with a lump sum of money.


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