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Ways to Help Your Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

August 28, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

When you hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles from us here at the LA Injury Group, we can do so much to help your case. We can use our vast resources to match those of the insurance company. We can use our years of experience to help you to get the compensation that you deserve. Our team of investigators insures that you’ll be able to take them on and win. However, many times, we see clients do things that make their own cases more difficult. We offer these tips as just little recommendations of things you can do to help insure that you get all the compensation you’re owed.

Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Tips

Over the years, each accident attorney on our team has seen so many different accidents. Each case is different.  Each client, and the injuries they’ve suffered, are different from the last We give all of our clients personalized attention with our experienced attorneys, so that you can rest assured that your case is handled by professionals that specialize in your case. Unfortunately, this sets us apart from other law firms. Some have lawyers who are experienced with car accidents help with slip and fall accidents; or those that primarily deal with bike accidents then have to help with semi truck accidents and so forth.

That won’t happen with the LA Injury Group. When you sign with us, you’ll get an accident attorney in Los Angeles that is singularly focused on your particular kind of accident as well as your particular kind of accident law. Every case and every law has subtle differences from the last. Those small differences can make all the difference in the world between getting you the compensation you and your family deserve and settling for less than you should. These tips we offer are in the spirit of maximizing that: so that you get everything you should for all that you’ve been through.

When you’ve been in an accident, whether it was a car accident, any kind of accident involving a vehicle, or even a slip and fall accident, call the police. That may seem like a small thing, it may seem like something you don’t want to do – but it is always a good idea. It’s a good idea for a variety of reasons. If the other person says “hey, this was a small thing, maybe we should just handle this ourselves…” that’s not a good idea. For one thing, you just had an accident with person – you don’t really know if you should trust them.

Ways to Help Your Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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ON top of that, remember that when the police are called to an accident, they have to make a police report. That report can come in quite handy. For one thing, it shows that an accident did indeed happen. Should the other party ever try to dispute that an accident occurred, it’s easier for them to do that if there’s no police report. Then, it’s just your word against theirs. However, if there’s a police report, they can’t do that. The police report shows, in an inarguable way, that an accident did occur. Beyond that, you were liable to get hurt in the accident.

The one thing our team of attorneys always hopes for is that you weren’t hurt in an accident. That would be the best, most optimal outcome. However, one thing we see all the time: people who were in an accident, seemingly unharmed from it, and then, later on, they develop serious injuries as a result of the accident. But, they didn’t feel those at the time. This is all the more reason to call the police. That report can say there was an accident, so that later on, should you develop injuries, there will be a record of saying what happened at them.

People don’t realize how hard the insurance company works to say that you don’t deserve compensation for your accident. They really, really do their best. In our accident attorney in Los Angeles experience, there are essentially no lengths that the insurance company and their lawyers will stop at to say that. You have to realize that they’re going to take every little thing they can, and twist it to their ends. It’s hard to overstate this, and it’s all the more reason to hire us at the LA Injury Group. We know how to deal with insurance companies, and can put that experience to use for you.

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So, when you’re hurt in an accident, we want you to tell the police about your injuries and accept medical attention. Not everyone wants to do that for a variety of reasons, but later on, it can help your case quite a bit. By that same token, not telling the police about your injuries, or not accepting medical attention that was offered to you can greatly harm your case. By doing that, you can make getting the compensation you deserve for having been through the accident all that much more difficult to get.

For example, if you don’t tell the police that you were hurt in the accident, they’ll make a note of that in the report that we were discussing earlier. They’ll typically write something to the effect of “property damage only” or a similar line. Now, how do you think the insurance company and their lawyers are going to spin that when you later claim that you were hurt? Of course, they’re going to say: “you see, the injured person isn’t really injured. They told the police they weren’t hurt. So, they’re just lying now to get some money.” Of course, that’s not the case, but why give the insurance company that opening?

By that same token, it’s very hard to diagnose yourself. When you’ve just been through an accident, you don’t know how bad your injuries are. So, just tell the police that. Even if you have minor injuries, tell the cops who respond to your injury call that. Tell them the truth: you were hurt, you don’t know how bad it is, but you were hurt. That has many benefits: you aren’t locking yourself into something that could be used against you, and you’re being 100% honest.

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Then, should the police call an ambulance or something similar, take them up on it. Getting checked out by medical professionals is a great idea for many valid reasons. You probably need the medical attention, to make sure that your injuries don’t get worse. Your health is the most important thing. On top of that, these medical pros will let you know the full extent of your injuries at the time. The sooner you get medical attention, the sooner you can start recovering from your injuries. Each injury accident attorney in Los Angeles we have is concerned primarily with your health.

One thing to keep in mind when talking to medical professionals who are checking you out is to always tell them the truth, too. You don’t want to give the insurance company any opening, so tell the medical professionals about any injuries you might have had before the accident. When you withhold something, or don’t mention an injury, it could be just enough to give the insurance company that small nugget they’re hoping for so that they can use it to discredit everything about you case. You don’t want to give them any small advantage, so tell the doctors, nurses and other medical pros the truth.

A great way to give yourself the biggest advantage over the insurance companies is to hire an accident attorney in Los Angeles from us here at the LA Injury Group. We have professionals with a long track record of taking on insurance companies and winning big. Sometimes, that winning big is through settlements, but sometimes it’s in court. Find out more by calling us at (818) 240-1800 or going to our website.

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