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Turn to Cumulative Trauma Injury Attorney for Best Possible Damage Recovery

November 27, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

The majority of people perceive that work injuries manifest as a single particular incident. These common injuries they believe occurred due to lifting heavy objects or slip and fall. However, work damages do not generally happen because of just one situation when most of the time, these injuries are usually cumulative. If you suffered from this injury, it’s better to consult a cumulative trauma injury attorney. 

Cumulative Trauma Injury and Its Effect on Workers

Cumulative Trauma Injury is one of the largest silent risks usually found in the workplace. It’s significant damage to muscles, nerve tissues, and tendons. This disorder is the result of repetitive motions over extended periods. 

Workers who acquire these disorders usually suffer pain and injuries while some need to undergo surgery. Since it slowly develops over time, cumulative trauma injury isn’t easy to identify or avoid. 

Kinds of Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Every company needs to know about this possibly perilous health disorder and what you can do to avoid it from occurring in the workplace. Most cumulative trauma injuries are typically classified into two kinds, namely, nerve and tendon disorders.

cumulative trauma injury attorney

Tendon Disorders

It’s possible for tendons to rupture when using your muscles. If the affected tendons didn’t heal over time, it can result in severe problems. 

Tenosynovitis is one of the most prevalent types of tendon disorders. It occurs when the protective sheath surrounding the tendon becomes swollen and infected. The joints in the legs, feet, and hands are the ones mostly affected. This makes movement more difficult and inflammation may develop in afflicted areas. 

De Quervain’s Disease develops around the thumb and can affect the whole arm. Similar to tenosynovitis, it is typically caused by the repetitive motion of the hand or wrist which inflames the tendon’s sheath.

Ganglionic cysts grow in the wrist from the joint fluid that collects in the wrist. These are lumps that are usually oval or round in shape filled with a jelly-like fluid. These cysts are non-cancerous and may also develop in the feet and ankles.

Nerve Disorders

Nerve damage usually occurs from the frequent use of tools that gives pressure on workers. The repetitive activities can produce detrimental nerve disorders.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most endemic nerve disorder where wrist cavities disintegrate which compresses the nerves that run to the hand. When not treated, the disorder can lead to hand loss. 

Raynaud’s Syndrome is another type of nerve disorder and occurs due to prolonged use of vibrating tools. This disorder is common with construction and road workers. People affected with this disorder have pale skin and a lack of sensation in the fingers.

Disregarding the Signs Has Its Consequences

Never disregard the pain you felt. It’s necessary to listen to your body and understand how to identify these kinds of injuries. Generally, it starts with mild symptoms that degenerate gradually when the exposure to repetitive work perseveres.

If you start experiencing chronic symptoms, better notify your employer and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Some workers are hesitant to seek medical attention because of uncertainty if the symptoms are work-related. They are also worried that their employers will stave off. 

Reaching a Cumulative Trauma Injury Settlement

Any injured worker is hopeful that they would get workers’ compensation to pay for all the bills. However, most of them believe that it’s impossible to reach a settlement which is not the case. A cumulative trauma injury attorney is a big help as soon as you start filing your claim for workers’ compensation

As a worker or employee who suffered cumulative trauma injury, seeking medical attention is paramount. Let the medical experts know the iterative nature of your job. Additionally, you need to speak with a cumulative trauma injury attorney if you have any doubt. 

Statute of Limitations for Filing Cumulative Trauma Injury Claim

You must know that there are specific time limitations when filing this type of claim. Basically, you have a year from the date of the injury to secure a claim. But, in this type of claim, the law stipulates that the date of injury starts when you initially suffered a disability. Also, you should know if it was your job that caused it.

Filing a claim for a cumulative trauma injury claim is a complicated process for there are some specific exceptions that administer to these rules. For this reason, it is paramount to talk with an expert cumulative trauma injury attorney to ensure you receive the full scope of benefits you are possibly entitled to. 

Speak with a Knowledgeable Cumulative Trauma Injury Attorney

Filing a claim for your injury doesn’t have to be that difficult. You can hire a knowledgeable cumulative trauma injury attorney to help you make it easier. LA Injury Group has a team of experienced attorneys who knows the ins and outs of filing a claim.

If you sustained an injury, you deserve just compensation. Talk to us today and receive the best settlement possible. Dial (877) 678-4689 and let us help you.

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