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Public Transportation Can Cause Car Accidents

April 8, 2015 
by LA Injury Group

Most of us rarely think about the safety of public transportation vehicles when we are driving around. We assume that those driving the buses, trains, shuttles and metro light rail cars are highly trained professionals with our safety first and foremost on their mind. This is not always the case. Public transportation vehicles regularly cause car accidents.
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Most public transportation vehicles have a specific set of rules and regulations that the operators of said vehicles must follow. In some cases they choose not to. This might be for a variety of reasons including them running behind schedule or they overlooked it by mistake. In some cases they simple neglect to do it. When these rules and regulations are not followed the vehicles can become dangerous and they can cause accidents.

We typically think of light rail and train crossings as being well marked and very safe, but there are some out there that are poorly marked or are designed in a way that they may not give drivers adequate time to achieve a safe distance from the tracks when a train is coming. Recently there have been a few different accidents in the Los Angeles area involving the metro light rail. These accidents may have been caused because the crossing was not properly maintained or marked.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with public transportation is to give them plenty of room and be defensive. These are often large vehicles with blind spots so they might not see you if you try to quickly speed around them as they turn or pull away from a curb. By having a little patience and making certain you have plenty of space between you and the public transportation vehicles or any train/light rail track crossing, you can help to avoid getting involved in an accident with them.

If you have been involved in an accident with a public transportation vehicle you may wish to contact an attorney who can help you investigate the vehicle and its operator to make certain all rules and regulations were being followed at the time of the accident. If they were negligent, there is no reason you should have to pay for that.

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