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Protecting Pedestrians: What Should Be Done If Involved in Pedestrian Accident?

November 10, 2023 
by LA Injury Group

Walking is an enjoyable and beneficial activity; however, pedestrian injuries and accidents may happen at any time. When this happens to you, knowing what steps to take to protect both yourself and your rights is vitally important. In this guide, we outline essential actions, including consulting a pedestrian accident lawyer, so you can handle the aftermath wisely and ensure your legal interests are safeguarded.

What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrian accidents are complex events with multiple contributing factors that are difficult to pin down as their root cause, yet several contributing elements play a role.

Distracted driving stands out as an increasingly prominent risk. Mobile phones and in-car entertainment systems divert drivers' attention away from the road, decreasing their ability to detect pedestrians. This distraction dramatically heightens collision risk - especially in urban environments with dense foot traffic.

Reports from Police and Insurance Providers: What have these entities discovered regarding pedestrian-car collision cases?

If there is serious injury involved in a car or truck collision, an officer will respond by assessing its location, interviewing parties involved, interviewing witnesses and gathering other data that will later form part of a police report. Furthermore, their report may contain initial impressions or preliminary observations regarding what caused it.

"A car hit me while walking. What should I do now?"

Few events can be as distressing as being involved in a traffic crash on the street. Not only are pedestrians likely to suffer physical injuries, but emotional and psychological trauma may arise as a result. Serious injury could even result in financial strain. Depending on its severity, the impact may limit daily activities like sleeping, eating, dressing and bathing - as well as possibly leading to disability or absence from work altogether.

Take Immediate Medical Attention After Being Hit By Pedestrians

After being involved in a walking accident, the most immediate and essential step is seeking medical assistance immediately. Your own well-being should always take precedence; even if injuries appear minor it's essential that medical aid be sought as soon as possible and get a professional evaluation; some injuries don't immediately manifest symptoms and getting evaluated can uncover hidden problems; additionally having this documentation for any legal proceedings that might follow is invaluable.

Contact Law enforcement

Report the Incident

Once you've sought medical care, the next step should be contacting law enforcement and reporting the incident. Doing this creates an official record that can prove useful when filing insurance claims and legal actions; when speaking to law enforcement about what happened prior to your accident. When speaking with them provide them with an accurate account of events leading up to it and ensure you obtain a copy of their report for yourself as proof.

Collect Evidence of Possible Criminality.

Document the Scene

As soon as possible after an accident occurs, gather proof at the scene by using your smartphone to take photographs of it, your injuries, property damage and weather conditions at the accident site as well as weather signals, traffic accidents or any other relevant details such as traffic signals. Note weather conditions, traffic signal sequences or accidents and gather contact details of witnesses that might provide important evidence later for your case. Gather as much evidence at once so as to help establish liability. It may play an integral role in supporting your claim for compensation and winning your case!

Information to Exchange

Acquire Details about an Individual.

Swap information with all involved parties. Acquire names, contact info and insurance details of both the injured pedestrian and driver responsible. In addition, provide your own contact info as this could prove essential later. Avoid discussing liability or fault at the scene - instead stick with facts when communicating with other parties involved.

Do Not Admit Fault

Keep Your Words In Mind

It is wise not to admit fault or make statements that could be seen as an admission of guilt following a car accident, even if you think you had something to do with its cause. Fault determination is often complex and best left up to professionals like insurance adjusters and legal specialists - anything said at the scene of an incident could later be used against you in legal proceedings.

Safeguard Evidence of Property Transactions

Protect Your Case

Preserving evidence of serious injuries is critical to building a strong case for compensation. Keep any damaged clothing, take photos of injuries that occur throughout your recovery, and retain all medical records and bills; these documents will serve as important evidence in seeking reimbursement for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation claims.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Legal Advice Following Pedestrian Accident

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident due to someone else's negligence, consulting with a personal injury attorney is strongly advised. An experienced lawyer can offer guidance regarding your rights, navigate complex insurance claims processes and represent you if necessary in legal proceedings. Many personal injury firms provide free consultations so you can explore your coverage without incurring financial obligations upfront.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Make Sure Your Insurance Provides Reimbursements

Notify your own car insurance company of an accident immediately after it occurs, providing all relevant details while being wary about providing recorded statements without first consulting with an attorney. Depending on the policy terms, some expenses may be reimbursed during claims processing.

Follow Through with Medical Treatment options

Prioritize Recovery

Adherence to your medical treatment plan is of utmost importance not only for your own well-being but also in terms of legal proceedings. Insurance companies and legal entities will closely analyze the details of your injuries to assess their extent and their effect. Failure to adhere with prescribed treatment can be used against you as evidence against medical or disability claims against you and may diminish or hinder them altogether.

Stay Up-to-date with your case

Stay Involved

Stay engaged with your attorney and remain informed on the status of your case. Recognize and adhere to any timelines involved with legal proceedings; your lawyer will guide you through each stage and ensure you remain well-prepared and aware.

Should a car or pedestrian accident occur, taking swift and appropriate action can help protect both your health and legal rights. Prioritize your own well-being first and seek medical treatment as quickly as possible before collecting evidence to support the claim. Consult a personal injury attorney who can guide you through legal complexities to protect your interests.

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident Before?

Have You been involved in a pedestrian car accident before? La Injury Group legal specialists are available for free consultation to explain your rights and explore all available options - we prioritize your well-being and justice above everything else.

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