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Professional Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

February 10, 2022 
by LA Injury Group

Let’s face it. Being stuck in a traffic jam makes us cranky. It’s one of the many reasons why other drivers step on the gas when the traffic loosens. These negligent drivers don’t think of other people’s safety. This reckless behavior often results in fatal crashes. Car accidents can lead to considerable injuries and vehicle damage. Drivers and passengers, even pedestrians and bystanders, will make a claim against each other. However, a car accident claim depends on proving that the other driver is liable.  If you or a loved one suffer injuries from a car accident, contact a professional Los Angeles car accident lawyer. Regardless of whether the injuries are minor or serious, you still need someone skilled to protect your legal claim. Having a lawyer by your side makes the insurance company aware that they can’t ignore your financial, emotional, and physical misfortunes.

Professional Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Regardless of the developing technology and more emphasis on vehicle preventive measures, the US averages about 6 million car accidents every year, from fender-benders to head-on collisions. 

There are two extensive categories of causes in terms of fault for car accidents. The first is driver error, which is the main reason for car wrecks. It includes:

Inefficient Decision-Making

Some drivers’ inefficient decision-making can lead to car crashes. The notion to tailgate, speed, or make a risky overtake can lead to a crash. The driver has no time to correct a bad decision. This also results in dangerous speeds keeping in mind local conditions like weather and visibility. 

Generally, speeding is the most prevalent cause of accidents among young drivers. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about one in three crash deaths involves speeding. The most possible to speed are also those with the least experience of driving who can’t deal with high-speed hazards experienced while driving.  

Driver Exhaustion

An exhausted driver usually falls asleep while driving. Likewise, fatigue delays reaction times to respond to dangers on the road. Enervated drivers are more likely to overlook a stop sign or traffic signal. 

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another common cause of car accidents. The driver could be talking to his passenger or on his phone, texting, or reading billboard signs. These distraction takes the driver’s eyes off the road, making it too late to avoid a crash or fender bender. 

Driving Under the Influence 

Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) collected data, over 40% of all car catastrophes involve alcohol. A drunk driver has decreased reaction time, poor-decision making, as well as poor vision. 

The second category is car casualties irrelevant to driver mistake. It involves almost everything, including external causes that could be no one’s direct fault. Examples include an animal crossing the road or brake failure.

The roadway’s physical condition can also play a key role in causing car tragedies. An improperly-maintained road can decrease road grip. At the same time, it makes it hard for any vehicles to stop promptly to keep away from the hazards. 

The same goes for weather conditions, such as ice, snow, or rain. These can cause driver impaired visibility when there’s also a fog. 

The car’s mechanical performance can also contribute to the accident. An improperly maintained brake system or tires can hamper your ability to stop in time before hitting anything or anyone. 

Is it Important to Hire a Professional Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

The answer is definitely YES. Whether you suffer minor or serious injuries, you need a professional Los Angeles car accident lawyer by your side. You’ll need someone to inform you of your legal rights and protect them. You have the aptitude to claim what’s fair.

Medical treatment can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention hospitalization, doctor visits, and surgery in the future. What about the days you missed at work because you need to stay at the hospital or at home to recuperate? You need well-deserved compensation to recover all of your losses and damages. 

To do so, you must hire a professional Los Angeles car accident lawyer. You don’t have to worry about upfront fees because most of them usually work on a contingency fee basis. It means that they get paid once you get your settlement.

Get the Compensation You Deserve. Call the LA Injury Group Today.

LA Injury Group has been serving injured victims and their families since 2005. Our expert and skilled professional Los Angeles car accident lawyers are always readily available to help those in need. We work on a contingency fee basis, and we’ll fight hard for every dollar you have a claim on.

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