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Defective products can cause many different serious injuries and even death. Determining who is at fault in a defective products claim can be a very difficult matter. In some cases in-depth research may be needed to discover liability. Our expert defective product personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Los Angeles can help relieve that stress and make certain that your case is fully investigated and that all proper claims are filed.

Among the most common types of defective product claims are:

Defective Parts. When a part is manufactured with a defect, that defect can eventually cause the part to fail and result in an unnecessary injury.

Design Defects. In some cases manufactures create products that they know are potentially flawed and dangerous, but they decide not to change it for the sake of the design. A good example of this would be a car where the manufacturer puts the fuel tank in a place where they know it is susceptible to breaking and potentially causing fire during an accident and choosing to leave it there because it is cheaper and easier to do so than redesign it.

Lack of Warning. Sometimes a manufacturer makes a product that they know can be dangerous yet they do not provide any kind of warning about the potential danger.

Manufacturing Defects. Something as simple as an oversight during programing or an omission during manufacturing can cause a product to be dangerous. More serious manufacturing defects would include cases where manufactures knowingly used substandard parts during the manufacturing process which ultimately led to the products failure.

Defective Medical Devices. According to the FDA there are more than 1,800 different categories of medical devices in use today. This can include everything from pacemakers and heart valves to syringes, x-ray machines and heart monitors. In many cases the FDA approves a medical device for a specific use, but that sometimes doesn’t stop doctors from using the device in a non-approved way. When used incorrectly the product may fail and could cause serious injury.

Dangerous Drugs.  All drugs that are sold in the United States must be approved by the FDA. However, the FDA often inadequately tests these medications before approving them. In addition to that many drugs have misleading or insufficient warning labels on them. If a drug is not properly tested it could result in variety of serious health issues including:

  1. Heart attack
  2. Diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Stroke
  5. Hemorrhaging
  6. Organ damage
  7. Depression


Defective Auto Parts. Using defective products in the manufacturing or repair of a vehicle can make it unsafe to drive. If these products fail the driver and passengers of the vehicle may be badly injured due to an accident caused by the failed product. The most common defective auto parts are:

  1. Defective air bags
  2. Defective seatbelts
  3. Defective tires
  4. Door failures
  5. Fuel system failures
  6. Weak roofs
  7. Inadequate side-impact protection

If you have been injured by a defective product you may nee personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Los Angeles that specialize in this field to help you determine who is liable for the damage done to you and how to properly pursue them. You can generally be compensated for:


  1. Medical bills
  2. Lost wages
  3. Reduced wages
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Funeral expenses


If you feel you may have been a victim of a defective product please contact our team of personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Los Angeles. here on our contact page or call at (818) 240-1800

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