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Negotiating With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

July 18, 2023 
by LA Injury Group

Negotiating with an insurance claims adjuster is one of the skills that most people should have. Being a skilled negotiator is vital because the compensation you will likely receive following your claim depends on factors beyond your control. The determining factors include the extent of the injury or damage leading to the claim and the type of insurance adjuster you are talking to.

Always remember that most insurance companies will have a better hand during insurance claims negotiations. The reason for this is that, most often, insurance companies hire the best professionals to do their bidding. As you would not, your interests and the insurance company's-company's interests often run parallel. At the same time, you would want to maximize your compensation; the insurance company will want to keep it as low as possible.

Therefore, you must arm yourself with the best insight and knowledge in the world of insurance claims negotiations so that you can adequately deal with any issue that may arise should you ever find yourself with an insurance company.

In the preceding paragraphs, we shall give you the most appropriate tips for negotiating insurance claims. We understand that the negotiations could be your first or second time, and we shall dive extensively into the small and significant details necessary for successful negotiations. As we offer these experienced-based tips, we require you to understand that the size of the insurance company should not cow you. Moreover, you should know that insurance adjusters can be rude, mean, and tiring and will use any possible means to ensure that they protect the interests of the insurance companies. Furthermore, the insurance adjusters may need to be more honest when dealing with you.

Suppose you were a victim of a car accident. In that case, it is difficult or near-impossible to be a skilled negotiator quickly. Just like all other life skills, negotiations require fair experience. For this reason, most personal injury victims resort to hiring very tried and experienced personal injury attorneys found in law firms such as LA Injury Group to deal with the often-complex insurance claims negotiations. LA Injury Group often turn to their experience to ensure your rights are well protected from the often-aggressive team of insurance companies' negotiators. Our success rate in the negotiation is a testament to our capacity to deliver.

After going through the below experienced-based tips on negotiating a fair settlement with insurance companies, you may call us to get all the clarifications you need about the negotiation process. We always provide a free case evaluation to personal injury victims in Los Angeles, and we shall address all the concerns that you may have about the process.

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Can You Negotiate an Insurance Settlement by Yourself?

There is always a temptation to take charge of personal injury claim negotiations. This tendency is greatly influenced by the fact that most people consider hiring legal counsel as an unnecessary expense. However, along the way and after documents have been signed and payments made, you may look back and realize that you achieved the worst outcome.

Therefore, you must engage the services of experienced personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. In light of this, if the accident left you with serious injuries, permanent disability, prevented you from living an everyday life or working productively, if it resulted in the passing on of your loved one, if you shall require further and future medical expenses, and if the same inconvenienced you. You must immediately engage the services of an experienced lawyer so that you may attain a just outcome.

Why should I settle my claim? Shouldn't I file a personal injury lawsuit?

Depending on your case's facts and the offers the insurance adjusters make to you, you should settle your claim if the proposal sufficiently addresses the damages you suffered. Moreover, you may always be sure about the outcome of a court case. Therefore, you must consider settlement negotiations before filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Open an Insurance Claim promptly

After an accident, you must file your insurance claim promptly. If you delay filing the claim, the insurance provider may use it against you. Therefore, you must adhere to the timelines required in opening a claim.

What Is the Role of an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

To understand the best practices in negotiations, you must know what insurance claims adjusters do. You must understand their roles to avoid falling into their traps. By understanding their part, you can quickly and effectively understand their tactics.

An insurance adjuster is an individual who has been hired by a car insurance company or big insurance companies for the primary purpose of investigating the insurance claims presented to it. The principal assumption for the hiring is that the insurance companies first believe that the claims are false or exaggerated. Therefore, the insurance must hire someone who shall sieve through the claims.

The Insurance adjuster shall therefore investigate the claims and develop a report. The insurance adjuster's report shall be a basis for the insurance company to determine whether it shall be liable to pay the damages claimed and, if it should, the amount of money that it should pay out as compensation to the party who has been injured.

Insurance adjusters perform their duties by calling the parties involved in the incident resulting in the claim and asking them questions that would aid him/her/them in understanding what truly happened. The Insurance adjusters shall also interview the accident/injury scene witnesses to have a complete picture of the issue.

After speaking to the injured party or the injured party's representatives, as well as the witnesses of the accident, the insurance adjusters will then look into all the documents appertaining the accident and all the reports and evaluations of the accident. Their actions reflect what personal injury lawyers often have to conduct on behalf of their clients. The only variance between the personal injury lawyers and the insurance claims adjusters is that. In contrast, personal injury lawyers work with the principal purpose of safeguarding their client's interests. Insurance adjusters work with the cardinal objective of protecting the interests of the insurance companies which hired them.

The training of the insurance adjusters is to ensure that they deflect liability from the insurance companies as much as possible. One of the tactics used to achieve this end is to apportion so much blame on you. They also use the tactic of ensuring that while they are conducting their investigations, they look for weaknesses against your claim.

Tips for Negotiating with an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Write an Effective Demand Letter

You must vitally ensure that your Demand Letter to the insurance provider is effective. It should be conclusive and spell out what you want from them. Should you encounter any difficulty drafting a Demand Letter, contact us so we can help you.

Be Prepared for the Negotiations

The most crucial aspect of any successful negotiation with difficult insurance adjusters is to be adequately prepared. By being prepared, you can read through their questions and sufficiently protect your interests. If you are unprepared for the negotiations, seeking more time to prepare is in your best interests other than walking to a negotiation room with the insurance company.

Suppose you walk into a negotiation room while needing to be adequately prepared. In that case, you shall allow the insurance adjusters to exploit you fully. The exploitation shall majorly stem from the fact that they shall have more facts about your case than you do. By having a superior knowledge of the facts of the case, they shall be able to exploit your weak points and make you an offer disproportionate to the injury suffered.

It follows from the above that being unprepared may result in the most unjust outcome of your case, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Moreover, the insurance adjusters will have a good and productive day if they negotiate with you unprepared. They shall be able to attain the best possible outcome for the insurance companies.

Suppose you have walked into a negotiation room with the problematic insurance company. In that case, there is always time to reach out to experts like LA Injury so that we can salvage your claim. Please ensure that you contact us before you agree to any offer from the insurance adjuster. Should you reach out to us after you have agreed with the insurance adjusters, we may need help to turn around your fortunes adequately.

Have supporting evidence with you

You must be well prepared during any negotiations and have as much information as possible. By having all the information and evidence to back up your claim, you shall be able to control the flow of negotiations and the likely outcome of the talks. 

Therefore, you must be adequately prepared for the negotiation process by compiling the following documents so that your claim can have a foundational basis. The records required include:

  • Evidence of the medical bills that have been spent on treating you;
  • Witness statements of the people who witnessed the accident;
  • If the claim resulted from property damage, you should have information back up your claim by having quotes on the damage;
  • If the damage was on your car, you should have estimates about the repair or the bills that have been used to repair the vehicle;
  • You should have the pictures as well as the videos of the accident scene, the extent of the damage to the property, the scope of the injury suffered, and the pictures or the videos of the witnesses;
  • Your contract of employment as well as the amount that you used to receive as a salary or as payment for your work;
  • Burial expenses of your loved one if they died in the accident; and
  • Estimates on future medical expenses

Calculate the total settlement amount

After putting together all the evidence you have found, you may determine the settlement amount. The basis of the settlement is on the data collected and your personal experience of the accident. The final figure should therefore be one that you are comfortable with and may bring about some satisfaction. The total settlement should be global, including the present, past and future damages. It should also be inclusive of both the economic and non-economic damages.

You may need clarification about what a full settlement figure could look like. This situation is understandable because a personal injury could bring a fair level of confusion. Therefore, One may not include all the damages they are naturally and legally entitled to. Find yourself in such a situation. Most personal injury attorneys shall be willing to offer their services to you.

Get the Adjuster to Justify a Low Injury Settlement Offer

Should the adjuster give you a low injury settlement offer, you must ensure they justify it. By explaining the figure, you can understand where they are coming from and make an appropriate decision on the way forward.

Know your bottom line

At all material times during any negotiation, always consider your bottom line. The bottom line is the minimum settlement figure you will want as you seek compensation. The bottom-line figures represent what you would not, in any circumstance, go below. The figure is also a reflection of what you are entitled to.

The bottom-line figure should therefore be a figure that includes the economic and non-economic damages as well as any other damage that is consequent and unique to your particular set of circumstances. The bottom-line figure should therefore be one that you can be content with.

Beware of the first offer

Be on the lookout for the first offer. In most situations, insurance companies will often offer you a low amount as the first offer. This low amount may be so enticing if you are prepared or want to avoid going through the often-times lengthy process of negotiations.

As pointed out above, the first offer is usually a trick to tempt you into looking at it as a quick way out. It would be best if you did not accept it. If you take it, you shall be playing into the hands of the insurance adjusters, whose aim is to give you as little compensation as possible. It follows from the above that you should never accept the first offer as it is often less than what you rightly deserve.

By accepting the first offer, you shall be halting a negotiation process that would have otherwise resulted in a huge settlement. As much as you may be tempted and persuaded to take it, always ask the insurance adjuster to give you a justification for the same.

Should the insurance company keep sticking to the low figure, kindly contact an experienced lawyer to assist you out of the trap set by the insurance adjuster.

Get the settlement offer in writing

It is important to note that most insurance adjusters will go a long way in protecting the insurance company's interests. They shall stop at nothing to ensure the insurance company pays as little. They are not concerned about justice, and definitely, they are not worried about fairness. With the above in mind, you must endeavor to ensure that any offer that the insurance company puts any suggestion it makes to you in writing. The final settlement amount must be provided.

You must therefore ensure that you only agree to something that the insurance company makes once you see the offer that they are giving you written down. The final settlement must therefore be in writing.

Read the fine print

It would be best to look at the offer they are giving conclusively. While reviewing the settlement offer, constantly look for anything unusual. As has been captured above, the loyalty of the insurance adjusters lies entirely in the insurance company. The settlement offer is, therefore, not an exception to this expected behavior. If you are not careful, they may insert specific clauses into the agreement that may later on come to haunt you.

It would be best to look at the clauses that give the insurance company unnecessary access to your private details. By signing a document that gives them access to your details, they can use it against you. This situation shall be of significant disadvantage to you as you shall not be able to walk out of the terms of the agreement. You must, therefore, clinically review the clauses of the contract.

It turns on the above facts that you should ask the insurance adjusters to give you more time to review the offer that they are making to you. Should you encounter any difficulty while reviewing the settlement offer, you may reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer at any given time so that they can point out the clauses that are against your interests. Be careful about what you put your name on. Insurance companies can be devious about the clauses they include in authorization forms.

Only sign the same if you are sure about any provision of the settlement offer, however slight it could be. Call us, and we shall immediately take charge of the situation to ensure your rights are not violated. We should review the offer's fine print and find something against your interests. In that case, we shall advise you on the best way forward.

Enlist the Help of a Team of Skilled Negotiators

It stems from the above that you should engage the services of a competent personal injury lawyer so that you can seamlessly go through the negotiations. Hiring experienced lawyers is also vital because you shall engage a team of experts during the talks.

Emphasize Emotional Points

Throughout the negotiation process, you must always emphasize the emotional points. These emotional points shall be crucial in determining the amount of money that the insurance company will be willing to offer you. Moreover, they shall be vital should the matter proceed to Court.

Can I reject a settlement offer?

Yes. You may only accept a settlement offer if you feel that the same is too low or sufficiently consider the circumstances of your injury.

LA Injury Group

The personal injury law team at LA Injury Group is aware of the difficulties and uncertainties of insurance claims negotiations. To ensure that you are adequately compensated for your loss/ damage, we shall assign you a competent team to help you throughout the talks. We shall also help you with filing a court case should negotiations fail. To aid you in establishing responsibility for your losses and look into every possible source of compensation for your accident claim, we shall carefully examine the circumstances of how the accident occurred and the party who should be held liable for the accident.

The sooner you hire us after an accident, the better your chances of getting just compensation under the Los Angeles law. Contact us today if you are prepared to discuss your legal options.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers shall aid you through the negotiations and the legal process of the personal injury lawsuits to get a clear picture of what you should expect to see happening in your case. Our experienced personal injury claim Lawyers shall also ensure that they take you through the possible damages the Court may award you. We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible so that we can adequately address all your concerns.

We encourage you to get in touch with us right away so that we can ensure that you are adequately compensated for your accident injuries and medical expenses, as well as for the pain and suffering that you may have endured at the time of the accident.

Put your faith in the team at LA Injury Group to defend your rights and to ensure that you are adequately compensated following your accident case. Contact our lawyers for a free legal consultation to discuss your options. Please get in touch with us right away to discuss your personal injury lawsuit.

Is Any Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me?

LA Injury Group is near you and ready to help you recover compensation in any accident case you may want to pursue in Los Angeles. We do this by tapping into our in-depth experience handling negotiations and court cases. We shall assist you by ensuring that we put together sufficient evidence to guarantee you the best chance of compensation.

We have the required skills and experience in dealing with personal injury law claims negotiations. After reaching out to us, we shall schedule an initial consultation with you to review the facts of the case. During the initial consultation, we shall go through the circumstances of your claim, its strengths and weaknesses, the legal process to be followed, and what you should expect moving forward. We shall look at the best figure/the bottom line of the negotiations and adequately guide you through the same. We shall also address any questions that you may have concerning your case.

Contact LA Injury Group Today

LA Injury Group's personal injury lawyers realize how difficult insurance claims negotiations can be. With this in mind, LA Injury Group assists personal injury victims in negotiating a perfect settlement and reviewing the offer. We shall take charge of the situation and help you attain the best possible outcome for your case.

Do not delay contacting us if you or a loved one is an accident victim due to someone else's negligence. Moreover, suppose the accident resulted in significant harm. In that case, we advise you to reach out to us so that we can ensure that the insurance adjusters do not violate your rights during the intense insurance claims negotiations.

At LA Injury Group, we offer a free case examination to enable you to decide the best way forward.

Do not hesitate to contact our able Firm of Attorneys, and we shall passionately pursue your personal injury cases.

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