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Los Angeles Injury Lawyer on Honesty

October 16, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

Honesty is so important to a Los Angeles injury lawyer. That may sound a little bit ironic, as the stereotype of the lawyer as someone dishonest is so ingrained in our culture. However, that makes adhering to a principle of honesty all that much more important. There are plenty of dishonest lawyers out there who don’t worry about their clients. The amount of lawyers who see their clients as just a check to be cashed is absolutely staggering. That makes it all the more important that we work against that, that we are the opposite of that. When you walk through the doors of the LA Injury Group, you’re a person. We love working with our clients to make sure that they get as much compensation as possible.

Help Yourself with a Los Angeles Injury Lawyer

One of the best things you can do for yourself after you’re hurt in an accident is to hire a Los Angeles injury attorney. That keeps the insurance company from ripping you off, it keeps you from having to worry about handling your case yourself, and it gives you some mental space from the case. We tell clients all the time: “money, time and emotions are all resources.” You have a finite amount of each. So, if you spend all of your time and emotional energy worrying about your case, you won’t be able to use either of those elsewhere. Time and emotion are quite important in terms of recovering from your accident.

The people in your life that love you are counting on you to do as much as you can to make sure you bounce back from your injury as strong as possible. That’s why you can’t use all of your time and emotion worrying about your case. When it takes up all of your headspace, all of your free time and mental energy, you can’t spend it where it’s necessary. You’re strong-willed, you work hard, but you have to give yourself time and room to recover from your injury. That’s why you should hire a Los Angeles injury attorney: we can handle the case so that you don’t have to worry about it so much.

Always Involved With Your Case

That being said, even when you give your case to a Los Angeles injury attorney, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely removed from the case. Just because you’ve hired us does not mean, in any way, that you’re dislocated from the case. Or that you shouldn’t chime in and let your opinion be known, far from it. In fact, we do everything we can at the LA Injury Group to keep the channels of communication open. We make sure our clients know exactly what’s happening in their cases so that they can make the best decisions for their case. After all, while we’re proud to be your lawyers, and we treat every client we have like family, this is still your case.

It’s your life and your compensation on the line when our lawyer takes your case. We’re always cognizant of that, so that’s why we tell you everything that’s going on in the case. When the other side makes an offer, we can let you know. If it’s a good one, if it’s a bad one, where we think the case is going and how we think it’s going – we let you know all of that. You can be as informed as you want with how the process is going with your case. By that same token, we also don’t have to tell you everything if you want some space, too. We love sitting down with clients and figuring out to what extent that they want to be involved.

Honesty and Integrity Matter

This article started talking about honesty, and about how we treat honesty as the most important thing. It has to be. We endeavor to be the best Los Angeles injury attorney firm anywhere. You can choose from unscrupulous attorneys all across Southern California; you come to us for something else. We’re always honest with you and others, from the moment you step through our door. We always give you our objective, honest opinion about everything. So, when we tell you how your case is going, what we think your claim is worth, and anything else, you can rest assured it comes from an honest place, informed by our years of experience.

Los Angeles injury attorney

Of course, one thing that clients ask us all the time “how can I help my own case?” One of the most overlooked ways to do so is to be as honest as possible. It helps the process at every step of the way. For example, we encourage clients to be as honest as possible from the very beginning of the injury claim process. Like, when anyone asks you about what happened with your accident, be as honest as possible. Tell them exactly what happened. Don’t feel you have to fudge something or leave something out, or anything else that could be less than 100% honest. You don’t want to do that because it can harm your case later on.

A great example of that: some people feel like if they leave out some detail, it’ll help their case. Usually, it hurts it. Imagine: someone’s hurt in a car accident. Their car skidded out on a patch of road and hit a building. This person, hurt in the accident, doesn’t tell anyone this. In fact, they distinctly leave out the part where they skidded out; assuming that it would show it was their fault. So, they never mention it. Then, an investigation by investigators working for the insurance company discovers that they skidded out after all, and now their entire claim looks that much weaker. As the AARP says here, many injuries can linger.

That makes the injured person look untrustworthy, and makes it extremely difficult for even the best Los Angeles injury attorney to get them the compensation they deserve. And that, perhaps, is the most sickly ironic part of the above scenario – if this person had just mentioned that they skidded out on a part of the road, their case might’ve gone that much better. Always remember: when you’re injured, no matter what, you don’t know all of the facts and specifics. You may think you do, but you’re just a person living your life – you don’t know all of the parameters.

Take the above example: maybe the part of road that this person skidded out on was supposed to have been fixed months ago, but the municipality dragged their feet and didn’t do it. Or, perhaps this part of road was on a private road, and the owner didn’t fix it when they were supposed to. Those are just a few examples of what could’ve happened, there are literally hundreds if not more alternate theories of what could’ve happened. These are all things that a person, injured in an accident, wouldn’t be privy to on their own.

Resources for Your Case

Facts like the ones above could only come up after some kind of investigation, as done by the investigators hired by the LA Injury Group. If you’re honest, it gives room and space for facts like the above to come out. When you obfuscate, you assume, and you make the entire process that much harder. Honesty is the best policy, literally from the very beginning. The insurance company probably isn’t going to be honest. The other side is, in all likelihood, not going to be honest. That’s what makes honesty so important: it can set you apart and give the truth the chance to come out.

When you come to the LA Injury Group, we give you all the tools and help you need to get as much compensation as possible for what you’ve been through. To start the process and see how we can help, give us a call at (818) 240-1800  or head to our site.

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