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Los Angeles Injury Attorneys on Insurance

September 26, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

We have plenty of articles talking about all of the different tactics that insurance companies employ to make sure that you get less money than you’re entitled to. The reason we have so many articles is simple: there are so many insurance company tactics to make our readers aware of. These articles cover the advice our Los Angeles injury attorneys wish everyone knew about insurance companies. Everything they do in the wake of an accident, no matter how seemingly insignificant or innocuous is done with one goal in mind: making certain that you don’t get the money you’re entitled to.

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One thing our Los Angeles injury attorneys want you to know about insurance companies is that they understand that you’re human. It takes a lot of strength, physical, mental and emotional to bounce back after some kind of an accident. Even the strongest person, surrounded with the most loving family and friends, is going to feel a little vulnerable sometimes. That time right after an accident is the time when most people feel vulnerable. You’re hurt, you’re unsure about the future, you probably have a lot of bills coming up that you didn’t know you were going to have – it’s a naturally vulnerable time.

Insurance company professionals understand this. That’s why they tend to offer you a settlement at this time. They make a point to offer you money quickly, when you’re probably at your lowest moment. This is done intentionally, as the money can seem like real manna from heaven when it comes. If you’re like most people who’ve just been through an accident, it can seem like this money is the answer to all of your prayers, a true godsend. However, our Los Angeles injury attorneys want you to know that this first offer from the insurance company is not a gift at all.

You can rest assured that the first settlement from the insurance company is much less than what your claim is worth. Always remember: the insurance company has real professionals working for them. With all the money the insurance company has, they can afford to hire the absolute best. So, their team will have the best experts, the best analysts, and they can crunch the numbers, so to speak. They can ascertain quite clearly everything that your claim is worth. Then, they make that first settlement offer to you knowing that it’s worth less than what you’re owed.

The other big reason that the insurance company wants you to sign this settlement as quickly as possible is that you don’t know what your injuries are going to be. For example, say you’re in a car accident, and then you sign the first settlement from the insurance company. You take the money, you heal, and you go back to your life… but then your shoulder starts to hurt. It gets worse and worse, and you go back to the insurance company. They’ll be able to say that you aren’t entitled to any more money because you signed that first deal.

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Even if you’re a doctor, you can’t really diagnose yourself. Not completely, and certainly not after a car accident before you’ve really returned to your life. Your health (to say nothing of your financial future) is too important to trust it to the first settlement the insurance company offers you. Remember: the insurance company also wants you to sign this first settlement before you talk to any Los Angeles injury attorneys like ours. They want you to do that because they don’t want you to know everything we’ve mentioned so far in this article.

That’s one of the many reasons we offer potential clients free consultations. Before you sign anything from an insurance company, bring it to us. Let our professionals take a look at it. Maybe this will be the first time in recorded history when an insurance company does the right thing and actually gives someone who’s been through a bad accident the kind of compensation they’re entitled to. It won’t be, of course, and our lawyers will make that clear. But, you have nothing to lose by letting us look at it. Before you sign away the compensation you’re entitled to, let us look at it first.

One of the major tactics the insurance company will avail themselves is to simply say no. Insurance companies will often deny liability just out of principle. They want you to give up, get frustrated, and go away. Unfortunately, the insurance company would only do this if it works, and it has before. Don’t let the insurance company troll you into giving up the money that’s rightfully yours. If the insurance company just denies your claim out of hand, bring it by our Los Angeles injury attorneys and we’ll see if there’s a way for us to help you out.

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That isn’t the only way that the insurance company can deny your claim, of course. They have an entitle arsenal of delaying tactics at their disposal. Insurance companies will often say that you’re partially at fault. They’ll do this even if you very clearly weren’t at fault on any level whatsoever. They’ll do it in the face of witnesses saying it wasn’t your fault. The insurance company has time on their side. Every moment they can delay your claim increases their odds that they’re going to make money and not give you any. Consider: the insurance company has essentially limitless resources. They can afford to wait, and hope that you’ll just fade away.

Often, we’ve had clients that just can’t believe the insurance company would say they were partially at fault. Our clients have said things like: “there were witnesses that said I wasn’t at fault and the other party was entirely at fault! What’s going on?” Well, the truthfully, the insurance company is hooping those witnesses are going to fade away, too. Witnesses move, leave town, lose touch, or just don’t want to get involved later on when it’s time to stand up for you. Every day the insurance company can delay increases the odds that’s going to happen.

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Remember, if there’s an inch available, the insurance company will take a mile. If there’s any way to say that the accident was even just a little bit your fault, the insurance company will take it. It doesn’t matter how untrue or even farcical, the insurance company will take it as a matter of course. They want to call your bluff. They don’t think you’re willing to go that far, and they’ve staked quite a bit of money on it. That’s all the more reason to bring in our Los Angeles injury attorneys. We can take care of your case for you.

You don’t have to deal with the insurance companies when you hire us. In fact, we recommend you say as little as possible to them. The less you can say to the insurance company, the better. That way, they don’t have anything they can use to try and trip you up or cause you to take less compensation than you deserve later on. With the LA Injury Group behind you, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your case is in the hands of professionals who are doing everything they can for you.

It’s important to note that we’re injury attorneys.  That means we can help with any case where you’ve been injured by someone else. Maybe you were hurt in a car accident, maybe you were hurt on your motorcycle or bike; maybe you had a slip and fall accident at work – if you’ve been hurt through the negligence or malice of others, we’d love to hear from you at (818) 240-1800.

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