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LA Injury Lawyer Handles Car Accident Liability Claims

July 31, 2019 
by LA Injury Group

Any type of car accidents can surely devastate victims and families. If you are involved in a car accident, you should consider hiring an LA injury lawyer to help you handle your liability claims. 

If you sustained an injury from a car accident, it will not only affect you but it will also have a negative impact on your family. It is especially true if you are the major provider of the household. 

Car accidents can result in mounting medical bills. They can also cause lost wages because of hospitalization. Plus, the injury can add emotional stress. 

Because of these, it is ideal to seek out a LA injury lawyer. Please note though that the lawyer has no capacity to delete the past. 

However, the attorney can assist in alleviating your financial and emotional challenges because of the accident. 

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The Right to Sue 

If you have been a victim of a car accident or you have lost a loved one in an auto accident, you can sue the other party for negligence. 

To help you recover your losses, you can file a property damage liability or personal injury liability claim. These claims might compensate for your expenses and losses. 

Personal Injury Liability Claim

Filing a personal injury car accident claim could include a claim against another driver. It is the most common claim. 

He could be the driver of a car or a truck. If you are a pedestrian who has been hit by a truck or truck, you can file this type of claim. 

In some crashes, you can file a claim against more than one driver. To help you file a claim, it is best that you work with an experienced LA injury attorney. 

The lawyer can assist you in proving that the defendant was irresponsible while operating a car leading to injuries and accidents. 

If the accident involves drunk drivers, you can file a dram shop claim. It is a third-party liability that lets you sue an establishment that served alcohol to the driver who caused the accident. 

But this type of claim will only apply under certain conditions. Business owners could be liable if they serve someone who is already intoxicated. 

Work with Our Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer 

After sustaining a serious injury, you must seek the assistance of a dedicated LA injury lawyer. In that way, you will be guided on how to obtain proper medical care for faster recovery. Call us today to schedule an appointment or seek consultation: (818) 240-1800.


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