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LA Brain Injury Attorney Who Can Help Recover Your Damages

October 9, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Sustaining a brain injury may end you up enduring long-term injuries or even death. It will happen if you are not examined and treated immediately. It can affect your capacity to accomplish your daily routine, including your mental and motor skills. Besides, thinking about medical expenses and lost wages will make the situation worse. It’s best to talk to the right LA brain injury attorney for help regarding the compensation you need to get.  

What You Should Know About Brain Injury Lawsuits

Apart from being complicated, your brain injury and its treatment can be costly and a long-term process. Due to these factors, lawsuits that involve brain injuries have typical distinctions. Here are the things that you should know in terms of brain injury lawsuits. 

The type of lawsuit brought forward depends on how you got the injuries.

One example is sustaining a traumatic brain injury following a slip and fall after an accident. Your LA brain injury attorney will act on your behalf and file a heedlessness action against the offending party. She can determine the appropriate kind of lawsuit you have to file for damage recovery. 

la brain injury attorney

The court may require some credible testimonials from the experts.

Once your case goes to court, your chosen LA brain injury attorney will present several witnesses to prove your claim. These witnesses may include a car accident reconstruction expert, a medical doctor, or an economist. They will communicate with the judge or jury on how you live your life after sustaining a brain injury.

These witnesses will attest to accountability and, or damages. The given sworn statement at court can extend for days. Although costly, the testimonies of these experts are paramount to prove your case. An LA brain injury attorney will consist of a community of experts they can endorse to bespeak at your trial.

The lawsuit’s objective is to make you whole again after suffering from the accident.

The suffering from brain injuries after an accident is traumatic and can change your whole life. You may not return to your old self again. However, the lawsuit will enable you to have what you need had you not been involved in an accident.

Filing a lawsuit has a limited period.

How many years you have to pursue a lawsuit relies on the kind of case and cause of your injuries. Generally, the California Statute of Limitations provides injured victims or their families within two years to file their claims. It is necessary to hire an LA brain injury attorney to help you file your case before you ran out of time.

It is worth noting that your compensation will possibly reduce if you are partially responsible for the accident. So, it’s not surprising if your damage award decreases. In cases like this, an accomplished LA brain injury lawyer will assure that you’ll obtain all the financial damages you rightfully deserve. 

LA Brain Injury Attorney: Why Consult an Attorney Before Accepting a Settlement Offer?

Any insurance company would want to settle any case for as little as much as possible. Their business is to make money and will do everything to pay a minimum amount only. Insurance companies don’t take your side and won’t make a reasonable settlement offer. They pay you only to cave in into their contractual responsibilities.

If you or a loved one is new to this process, you are at a disadvantage. Besides, you may not have any idea of how much your case is worth. Insurance companies will always provide a low-ball offer that is usually unfair. That is why you need to consult an LA brain injury attorney to serve as your legal representative. She will be the one to communicate with the claims adjusters and negotiate on your behalf. 

The attorney will analyze your case and determine how much compensation you should receive. Moreover, she will make sure that the insurance company will treat you nicely and fairly. If they refuse, your LA brain injury attorney will file a case on your behalf. She will make sure that you will acquire the full and appropriate value of your brain injury claim. 

Speak with an LA Brain Injury Attorney Today

You have to speak to an LA brain injury attorney to help you recover compensation for your damages. Filing a lawsuit is more successful when you have a legal representative on your side to fight for your right. 

Our team of brain injury attorneys at LA Injury Group will meticulously evaluate your case. We will work to both establish and execute a legal procedure to provide you the best chance of recovering just compensation. 

We’re here to help in the best way we can. We live out our commitment to helping you secure the compensation and benefits you deserve to recover completely. Call (818) 240-1800 today and tell us about your case.

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