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LA Animal Attack and Dog Bite Attorney

November 10, 2021 
by LA Injury Group

Most pet owners consider their dogs as part of the family. They are our stress-reliever, and in turn, we shower them with love. However, not all pet owners treat their animals like others do. Any pet, especially dogs that experienced abuse, can become aggressive, leading to attacks and bites. If you or a loved one encounters such situations, talk to an animal attack and dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles.

animal attack and dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles

Why Do Dogs Attack and Dog Bite?

There is more than one reason why dogs attack and bite. Not so many people are lucky to heed the warning signs. Most dogs will convey apprehension or inconvenience by growling, barking, or snapping in the air. In what circumstances do dogs attack and bite? 


Oftentimes, aggressive dog behavior is because of agitation. A dog becomes fearful of someone or something that approaches them. When that “thing” comes too close to the dog, the animal may become distraught that usually leads to attack and bite.

Surprised and Frightened

Unexpected or intentional incidents surprise and frighten unaware people. The same thing goes with pets, especially dogs. For example, don’t try waking up a sleeping dog with a loud bang. It may become bewildered and confused, which can lead to attacking and biting. 

Securing and Safeguarding

Our love for our fur babies makes us buy them things like food, clothes, and toys. Sometimes, they don’t want to share their stuff with others. They don’t want their favorite things taken away; that is why they attack and bite. Moreover, attacks and biting occur if an intruder tries to enter the house of the pet owner. 


Dogs can experience aggravation, which is another reason why dogs attack and bite. When animals feel trapped in a confining situation, they may bite out of distress. Our pets also feel enraged when they can’t get what they want, especially when on a leash. At times, dogs will turn and bite on whatever or whoever is holding them back, which is sometimes called redirecting or a redirected bite. Also, a jogger who makes fun of the dog is likely to get a dose of his own medicine.  

Irritation or Soreness

A sick dog usually feels irritated and sore aside from being fearful and stressed. Even the most patient dog will bite if in pain or injured. Take extra caution when lifting or moving your dog to avoid getting bitten. 

If a dog attacked and bit you without any reason, the pet owner becomes liable for his dog’s behavior. Speak with an animal attack and dog bite lawyer in Los Angeles if it’s appropriate to file a case. 

Animal Attack And Dog Bite Lawyer In Los Angeles: California Law on Dog Bites Injury

When it comes to dog bites, California has a dog bite statute called California Civil Code Section 3342. This law makes pet owners legally liable for attacks and injuries in most incidents. Moreover, they are responsible for their pet’s behavior even if the owners themselves have no reason to believe the pets are dangerous.  

Other states would forgive the owner if he didn’t know his pet was threatening. Usually, this makes it difficult to receive compensation. 

However, there are some exemptions to the statute. The victim must be in a public place or was lawfully in a particular area when the dog attacked and bit him. Specifically, owners can’t be precisely accountable for the pet’s actions if someone trespasses or commits a crime within their property. 

Generally speaking, dog bite statutes in California favors the victim. Even if the victim’s skin didn’t get any cut or lashes after the dog grabbed him, the law considers it a bite. A victim can also receive compensation under this law when a pet knocks down a person or causes an injury aside from biting. You can call an LA animal attack and dog bite attorney to help you file a case against the pet owner in such an event.

Negligent Pet Ownership

Negligent pet ownership causes injuries and damages, leading to victim’s compensation. Pet owner’s negligence includes a pet chasing a person riding his bike or motorcycle. It can result in a possible severe accident wherein the victim may get bitten and crash. An LA animal attack and dog bite attorney can help you with the case and prove the pet owner’s negligence to get you rightfully compensated.

What Compensation Can You Get from Dog Bite Injuries?

As a dog bite injury victim, there are a few types of compensation that you can get based on the extent of the injury and damage. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Income
  • Multiple Damages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Consortium or Services
  • Punitive Damages

LA Animal Attack and Dog Bite Attorney Who is Always Ready to Help

At La Injury Group, we understand how you feel and we’re here always to help you. Our team of skilled and compassionate animal attack and dog bite attorneys can handle your case efficiently. We ensure that our clients will get the compensation they truly deserve. 

Get in touch with us today. Dial (818) 240-1800 and let’s talk about your case.

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