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How Long Does a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Take in California?

January 20, 2024 
by LA Injury Group

What Duration Does Spinal Cord Injury Claim ordinarily take?

Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit - Timelines for which spinal cord injury suit takes vary based on various factors. Such a suit could take a few to several months, depending on the peculiar circumstances of each case. Some factors that determine the time taken by the length of time that a spinal cord injury suit could take are the complexity of the case, the degree of harm sustained, and the conduct of the parties involved. You are almost certain of the duration your case will take if you retain an attorney from our competent team to help you pursue the duration of time is not cast in stone.

The abovementioned factors control you and your attorney or insurance company. Even with the preceding in mind, our spinal cord injury lawyers can still help you understand the approximate timelines that your case could take.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit - Steps to take following a spinal cord injury

Pursue medication. Treatment and general well-being should be the topmost priority following a personal injury arising out of spinal cord injuries. Taking healthcare as the priority during the whole process serves not only for recovery and healing but also has some evidentiary significance since all the documents used in the process shall form part of the evidence to be adduced during the trial. Such health records serve a great deal in assessing the extent of damages to be awarded to you in your personal injury claim.

Consult competent attorneys: You should consult a spinal cord injury lawyer so that they can help you get the compensation that you deserve. You should speak to a personal injury lawyer to get a proper assessment of your case and to evaluate its viability. Call us through our contacts available online. We can listen to your severe spinal cord injury case and forge the way forward regarding your personal injury lawsuit.

Investigation and Record Keeping: our team of attorneys will help you pursue evidence and all the necessary documents to help you run successfully. Documentary evidence is critical to the whole litigation process, and such can only be successful if proper evidence is on record.

Lodging insurance claims or notice of settlement demand: The first step of instituting a claim is to file a demand notice with the insurance company. If the insurance company needs at this stage, the claim is closed, and if not, the claim goes to litigation.

Instituting a Claim: This step typically occurs following a failed negotiation attempt with the insurance company. Our attorneys will help you find a claim for compensation for you. This process is critical in ensuring you obtain the best settlement for your claim.

Pretrial Preparations: This stage comes after a claim has been lodged formally. So that you know – the parties are called upon to ensure that proper service has been taken care of as the law requires. The defendants must also have filed their responses to enable the trial to proceed.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Before proceeding with trial, attempting to resolve the matter out of court is imperative. This ensures that courts are not burdened by issues that could be resolved amicably by allowing the parties to engage at an individual level. Thus, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration could ensure that parties resolve their issues before filing the suit.

Proceeding to litigation stage: Trial comes as the optimum stage of litigation. During the trial, evidence is presented before courts wherein the jury listens to both parties and passes a verdict.

How Long Does a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Take in California

Approximate Timelines that Spinal Injury Suit could take

Attempt for out-of-court settlement: Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms always come as the first step failure to which the litigation process commences. Failure of such negotiated settlements to take effect would mean litigation follows.

Instituting a Claim: this is done following an unsuccessful attempt for an out-of-court settlement. Immediately a suit is formally lodged, timelines exist under which service is to be effected and for such defendant(s) to respond. Following that is the kicking off of the pretrial process.

Court Proceedings: The same ordinarily takes varied timelines upon proceeding to the full court trial process. The outcome of the suit usually is not guaranteed. A victim of personal injury on account of spinal cord injuries should be able to learn that such have a remedy which can be pursued either from insurance or through litigation. We at LA Injury Group are good at ensuring you obtain the best outcome for your claim while attaining full recovery.

In summary, the settlement of a spinal injury case takes varied timelines, with some taking shorter timelines than others. Some cases could take a few months, while others may take up to two (2) years. With the help of a competent attorney, a victim is almost assured of how timelines can vary on a case-by-case basis. Contact LA Injury Group today.

Our firm customizes your case to be expedited

Our team of attorneys picks up your case and pursues it vigorously to ensure you obtain the best outcome quickly. We prioritize your claim to make sure that you get the best result.

While attending to your situation, we constantly adjust our approach to fit the peculiarity of your case to get the best outcome for you. Whereas we could approach insurance companies to compensate the victim without going to court, we know that not all matters can be resolved at that stage. We are also well-versed in ensuring you get the best outcome through litigation.

Contact us today for consultation and guidelines!

From the preceding, litigation timelines are not cast in stone but vary based on the nature of every case. However, you can always call us to get general advice on the nature of your claim and to approximate the timelines likely to be taken by the claim.

You can call us today through our contacts available on our website to schedule time for a free case assessment. You can also visit our offices for more information and to find a way to move forward with your claim.

We'll always let you know about the appropriate timelines your case could take to protect your interests. Upon getting the approximation, it will be apparent for you to pursue your claim by following the steps laid down below:

Whenever one is struck by an accident, it is an experience that is hard to get away from the trauma that comes with such an accident. However, I would like to point out that moving on is the most crucial step at this stage. There is a need to compile evidence and to pursue compensation for your injuries. This is the first step after healing from the accident. There is a need to depart from the accident scene and trauma to pick up your journey for compensation.

Collating and organizing evidence is another crucial step that you have to take. In litigation, evidence is everything. So, gathering all the relevant evidence to pursue the whole process is necessary while being assured that the outcome is most likely favorable to your case. Gathering evidence could include the following steps:

  • Engaging the police
  • Record photographic evidence of the scene of the accident as well as the injuries sustained.
  • Please collect all the necessary documents to boost the case further, including copies of any identification documents, other relevant documentation, etc.
  • Obtain details of all eyewitnesses who had a detailed encounter with the accident.
  • Please record any other relevant information, including the accident's circumstances and how it occurred.

While collecting evidence in the whole process is pertinent, it is also essential to prioritize your journey to recovery. Seeking medical treatment is critical to your journey to obtain the best outcome for your claim in terms of compensation. Where such an accident is caused by slip and fall accidents on premises belonging to some individuals, it is essential to inform the occupier of the occurrence. Document all the evidence and take photographs of the scene to ensure you get the best evidence required for your case.

Suppose you or your loved one has been involved in a spinal code injury. In that case, seeking legal advice from duly qualified and competent attorneys is essential. Contact LA Injury Group for the best representation required to obtain the best outcome for your claim. The role of an attorney during the whole process must be emphasized. Guiding on the category of evidence relevant to the claim and generally assessing how the claim has viability are few among the roles of a personal injury attorney pursuing spinal cord injury claims for you.

Ours at LA Injury Group is a classic case of assisting you to get the best out of your personal injury claim following a complete spinal cord injury or an incomplete spinal cord injury. Among the roles that we play include handling issues of expenses that the liable party can reimburse. Some of these expenses include medical charges, missed earnings, and trauma due to pain and suffering, among other damages. Our team of attorneys will ensure that for every claim the victim raises, there is a corresponding piece of evidence to bolster the same.

It follows from the above that the length of time that a spinal cord injury lawsuit in California varies from one case to another as it largely depends on the case's circumstances.

At LA Injury Group, we prioritize your claim and ensure that you get the best outcome for compensation following your spinal cord injury. Please reach out to us today and get your claim filed.

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