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How A Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Aid Employees During COVID-19

May 6, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

The world finds itself adjusting to a new normal, something brought in by the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are trying to stay afloat and only a number of employees are lucky. Layoffs are occurring and some businesses are filing for bankruptcy. For those lucky enough to still have a job, concerns remain in the air. That includes their compensation and pay, something that could be altered due to the remote work setup. This does not apply to all but people who are wary may want to consult people for advice. Hence, this may be the best time to approach a Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer for some peace of mind.

For the lucky ones, their compensation is expected to continue. However, the case may not hold true for the benefits part. With a new virus in the air, some tweaks may be needed in terms of health or insurance coverage. It seems to complicate things, probably made even worse if an employee ends up contracting the disease. But like other diseases, the best way to figure out if coverage affects them is if happens while on duty. Given that the coronavirus is hard to trace or can infect anyone at any time, defining that will be a problem.

Document and discuss with your Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer

Case where employees may get short-changed by their employers is possible. The pandemic has severely affected everyone, a reason why some are at the edge of their seat. Right now, big or small companies have not been spared from the inevitable. There are popular companies who have closed down while others are trying to run but at skeletal levels. Some organizations have resorted to laying off workers due to budget cuts. Either way, there are people left in dire straits. Hence, it would be best to discuss these with advisors. Though they may not be physically within reach, compensation lawyers are still within reach. This can be done through video conferencing.

People who end up working remotely can be deemed lucky. As most know, less exposure in public means lower chances of contracting the virus. However, there is no telling how long this can hold up. There are companies wary of the productivity of their employees that they cannot see. Though some setup a specific time to meet or report, there are some who prefer the old-fashioned way. And if that holds up, it may come to a point where an employee may get fired for lack of productivity.  This will differ according to jobs. For example, people who are in sales will be measured on deals they are able to close during the pandemic. Given that they are less mobile, even sales quotas could suffer a decline.

But the case may be more complicated for people who do clerical work. Working remotely is not the same a supervisor getting up from his seat and immediately talking to his staff. Calls can be made at any time but execution of an order may not be as immediate compared to the office setting. These are only some of the things that employees have to think off, most worried about their security of tenure. This is why it may be best to hold some record or prove their worth through productivity. Working remotely may be different but something that can even be better in the long run.

los angeles workers compensation lawyer

Watching out for your health

Employees not being in an office raises several questions on their health coverage insurance. Normally, coverage could be easily traced if they get ill while on duty. With most at home right now, figuring out if they are still covered will be up for debate. Would they still be eligible for assistance even while at home? This is where things get a bit complicated. For one, how could an employee get infected if he is holed up at home? What if they get it from a visitor or someone who goes out and returns with the illness? These are just scenarios that one has to face. But the reality of it is that they should be covered.  However, it remain that they need to hold proof in the event that there is a contention on the claim.

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer: Unseen but definitely around

Lawyers may not be physically seen but are still working from where they are. They are not among the essential workers who have been out since the outbreak began. However, they could be among the people returning to work soon as economies try to re-open. Regardless, they are still available to their clients for queries when needed. However, contentions on compensation and other benefits may not be as easy as before. With less documentation or proof, people need to find other means as evidence. With technology, this can now be in the form of audio, photos or even videos.

The most challenging of it all is helping people who, for some reason, contract the virus. Pinning down the pandemic is near impossible. Making things even more complicated is that people who don't have the coronavirus can spread it without their knowledge. The world's current situation is complicated and companies are likely to be leaner because of it. However, making sure that they do not lose their job is a must. Some may be unable to work if they are infected, yet another problem that could factor with their employment. With so many things to consider, the best way is to discuss with advisers the different scenarios. For those dealing with it right now, getting in touch with a lawyer at the earliest is recommended. One consultation could make a big difference.

Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer can assist anyone at any time. It is their commitment to help people who need guidance, especially the ones now stressed by work-related matters. People can schedule a free consultation and start the process by simply calling (818) 240-1800.

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