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Get Genuine Help From a Wrongful Death Lawyer Angeles

June 30, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Wrongful death is considerably the most emotional scenario when it comes to accidents. Likewise, it is some of the difficult cases that wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can deal with. This incident is truly heartbreaking and devastating for the family of the deceased. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer Angeles: What is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is an incident when someone’s recklessness caused the group or individual’s death. Losing a loved one is unbearable. It may take decades before the family can overcome it. A wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles can help to ease the family’s pain and suffering.

How Wrongful Death Claim Legal Proceedings Work?

A wrongful death claim is a distinctive kind of lawsuit. This is typically brought up when a person dies because of another person’s negligence or intentional act. The argument  enables the estate to file a case against the defendant. This person or people are reliable for the wrongful death of another person or people.  

Every state has their own wrongful death laws. This type of court action is oftentimes filed by the departed’s estate representative. The filing of the claim is on behalf of the surviving family members. A wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can help with the filing of the lawsuit.  

Different Claims of Wrongful Death in California

In California, there are two different claims in terms of wrongful death.  This depends on the established specifics of the case for recovery. These are wrongful death and survival action. The wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles takes on both cases.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Angeles

Wrongful Death Claims

When it comes to wrongful death claims, it’s usually the estate’s personal representative who files it. Likewise, the departed’s close family members do it for their recovery from the damages. Beneficiaries are likely to recover that includes the following:

  • Financial support the deceased could have given if he or she still alive
  • Gifts or benefits that could have been possibly provided to the family if not for the misfortune
  • Funeral and burial expenditures
  • Loss of of the demised’s governance and guidance
  • Losing enjoyment and sexual relation
  • Loss of departed’s companionship, affection, protection, and moral support
  • Household services’ sensible value that could have been likely contributed if not for the untimely death

Survival Actions Claim

On the other hand, the victim’s personal representative is the one pursuing the survival actions claim. This is on behalf of the deceased’s surviving loved ones. It’s intended to recover the loss or damage the victim sustained before passing away. Recoverable damages may encompass the following:

  • Corrective damages
  • Medical costs
  • Lost salary

This claim doesn't allow recoveries for disfigurement, pain, and suffering. However, there are some exceptions in some elder abuse cases. A wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can better explain this to his client.

When and How is Wrongful Death Claim Actionable?

A wrongful death claim can emanate following the death of the victim. It’s a result of another person’s wrongful action or negligence. This can happen in various situations such as:

The victim dies in a car accident

Fatalities in road accidents are the worst scenarios. Victims who died due to car accident injuries are generally entitled to a wrongful death claim. Grieving loved ones can consult a wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles to assist them.

The victim dies due to medical malpractice 

This pertains to a doctor’s incompetence in diagnosing a condition. It also includes the carelessness provided in terms of level of care. When the victim dies, a legal action can be possibly carried out against the doctor. To accomplish this, a wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can help you file a lawsuit.

The victim is deliberately murdered

This is more painful than just getting injured in an accident. One famous  example of this case is O.J. Simpson. The court charged him for the wrongful deaths of both Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. The families of the deceased received $33.5 million. Simpson was a previous actor and professional football player.

The victim dies due to manufacturers’ defective products 

One example is Ford Pinto, a dangerously designed vehicle from Ford Motor Company. The gas tank is wrongly placed and can cause a serious explosion after a collision. 

Another example is the Takata airbag. This is also a wrongful death case related to vehicles. These airbags have the tendency to explode and send metal fragments directly to the driver and passengers. A wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can help surviving families file a claim for wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Lawyer to Turn To

Losing a loved one is painful and the LA Injury Group understands how you feel. To ease your pain and suffering, a wrongful death lawyer Los Angeles can help alleviate it. 

The LA Injury Group offers the most comprehensive assistance in terms of wrongful death cases. The firm’s hard work and commitment has ensued in millions of dollars in recovery for their clients. 

Call the LA injury Group today and get the help you need. Dial (818) 240-1800 and have your case evaluated at no charge.

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