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When you have been in an accident and have suffered an injury that will affect you for a long period of time (perhaps even the rest of your life) your future medical care costs can easily eclipse those costs you incurred during your initial recovery.

Having ongoing medical issues can create some problems when it comes to filing a lawsuit and determining damages or working out an acceptable settlement.

Here are some of the things you will need to take into consideration when seeking compensation for future medical care.

1. Dismemberment and disfigurement: If you have lost a limb(s) or suffered permanent disfigurements such as scars or anything that will permanently affect how you look and your overall quality of life you can be compensated for these injuries.

2. Loss of consortium: This can cover a wide range of areas. If you are married your injury can powerfully impact your relationship with your spouse. It can make it difficult for you to provide for your family as well as making it difficult for your family to care for you. On a more intimate level, ongoing health problems can cause issues with sexual relations between spouses as well as the ability to be comfortable and have the normal companionship that comes with being married.

3. Enjoyment of life: If your injury causes a reduction in your ability to enjoy the day-to-day pleasures of everyday life you can be compensated. Also losing the ability to fully interact with family and friends as well as your children can be taken into account.

4. Ongoing medical expenses: This can be a big topic when you have been seriously injured. You may need any amount of future medical care ranging from simple doctor visits to in home and around the clock care. If you have been severely disabled you may need to have modifications made to your home in order for you to be able to live there and you may have to hire extra help to make certain that you are properly cared for. All of these future medical costs need to be taken into consideration when you determine the amount of damages you will ask for.

5. Lost wages and earning capacity: Your injury may keep you from working for a while. You are entitled to recover those lost wages. If your injury has disabled you in any way it can greatly reduce your ability to earn a living in the future. Based on your age, earnings at the time of your injury, skills, experience and other factors, your attorney can help you determine what your lost future earning capacity could be and then make certain you are compensated for that loss.

6. Pain, suffering and anguish: The amount of pain and suffering both mentally and physically that you may undergo when you are injured can vary greatly. Physical pain is easy to document, but mental anguish can be much more difficult. Any worry, anxiety, fear, grief, or other negative emotion you may feel due to your injury can be considered something you can recover damages for.

The first step to recovering from an injury is immediate care. From there it must be determined what level of future care your injuries may need and those responsible for your injury must be held responsible for those future medical costs. An attorney that specializes in personal injury law can help you determine your immediate and future needs and will work hard to make certain you are properly compensated for your injuries.

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