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For Your Health: Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

August 30, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

Everyone has some idea in their head why it might be a good idea to hire personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles. Maybe you’ve been in an accident, and you’ve heard the studies (which are true) saying that a person who has an attorney is more likely to get more compensation than if they don’t. Perhaps they’ve seen attorneys like ours on TV that they trust and know that they can schedule a free consultation with us. However, there’s a reason that’s often overlooked why someone might want to get an attorney after an accident: it can help with your health.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles: Why

After you’ve been injured, it’s liable to be one of the more difficult times in your life. You’re going to be in pain, you’re going to be vulnerable. It may be difficult to focus on many things. In fact, the one thing you should probably be focused on the most is your own recovery. That’s a compelling reason why you should hire our attorneys. We allow you to focus on your own recovery. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about the case anymore. You can rest assured that it’s being handled by the professionals.

When you handle your own case, you don’t have those assurances. In fact, you don’t have any assurances at all. You have to try and do something new (handle a personal injury case) while you’re in some of the most trying circumstances of your entire life (being injured). The mental energy that can take is astounding. You’re going to be trying to do something you’ve never done before while the stakes are very high. At best, you’re going to be distracted by your health and recovery. At worst, you’re going to shortchange both. That can lead to a terrible outcome: you don’t get what you deserve for your personal injury case and it slows down your recovery.

Your Personal Injury Lawyers

By that same token, it’s important to keep in mind that whoever you’re going against in your case won’t have any qualms about hiring attorneys. The insurance company, the other party in your accident/injury, or wherever you’re going up against will get the best attorneys they can. So, you’ll now being doing something you’ve never done before, while recovering from an injury, going up against seasoned professionals who’ve done this for years in addition to their years of training. Again, all the more reason to hire our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles.

Those are just the specifics of what happens when you try your own case. The non-visible strain can be awful as well. When you handle your own case, you have to figure it out. Which means you have to do the research, you have to do all the filing, you have to answer everything the other side does, you have to handle every single small beat of the negotiation – that’s an extraordinary drain on your mental and emotional energy. To be sure, you’ll be going up against others who know the strain you’ll be putting on yourself, and they will adjust their behavior accordingly to exploit it.

To that end, when our personal injury attorneys take your case and negotiate, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. That way, you never have to worry about us doing that horrible thing that far too many other firms do: take the first offer the insurance company makes. Too many firms in town will go to negotiate, and then whatever the insurance company throws out, they’ll take it (often without telling their clients) just to clear the case. They get some money, but the client doesn’t get nearly what they deserve. We would never do that.

For Your Health Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

More Than Just Accident Attorneys

When it comes to negotiation, we’ll actually do it. We will be in there negotiating for you. However, we know that when we speak for you, we truly speak for you – so, we make sure that we communicate with you every step of the way. If you want, you will know what’s going on with your case as it progresses. By keeping you in the loop, we make sure that you know everything that’s going on every step of the way. So, when it comes time for you to make a decision about an offer from the other side, you’ll have all the facts in front of you. When that occurs, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for you, your family, and anyone else who depends upon you financially.

Everyone does what they can to save their money, put a few bucks away each month, plan for the future and the like. However, not too many people actually have the money saved up to deal with a personal injury. Those can take a grievous toll not just on a person, but on their bank account (and their family’s bank account) as well. Even if you have health insurance, even if you have good health insurance, it can be difficult to make up that money once you’ve been hurt.

Here’s one more place where our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you: we have a tremendous network of medical professionals that we’ve met over the years. We trust them, they trust us. We make a good team. When you come to us, we put you in contact with them. They can give you the best medical help and recovery team that you can get. In turn, they’ll get paid on contingency. That means you won’t have to pay them until you get your settlement or earnings. That way, you aren’t swamped with medical bills from the beginning of the injury process.

Injury Attorneys in Southern California

Injuries can keep you from working. In many injury cases we see, only losing a few days or weeks of work is one of the better outcomes. At least that way, you can return to work. Many clients can’t. So, they need compensation that covers their lost wages as well as potential lost wages they would’ve had if they could’ve continued working. That’s one of the many kinds of compensation that our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles specialize in getting for our clients.

One more way that our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help is that we can protect your financial future. For example, from the moment the insurance company hears that you’re injured; they plan to send someone to talk to you. When this person comes to you, they’re probably very friendly, the kindest person you’ve ever met in all likelihood. They might even make you an offer on your personal injury claim. You should never sign this without letting an attorney see it first.

See, as you probably know, the insurance company isn’t looking to give you the money you deserve. In fact, that’s the last thing they’re interested in. they only really make money when they give you less money than you deserve. In fact, the less they give you, the more money they make. So, if they’ve made you an offer, and you haven’t signed with an attorney yet, then you can rest assured that whatever they offered you is so much less than what your claim is worth. Always let one of our attorneys see it before you sign something from an insurance company.

No matter how you’ve been injured, our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help your case. Should you have been hurt in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, slip and fall accidents or others, we have attorneys who’ve specialized in your kind of case for years. Find out more when you schedule a free consultation with us either by calling us at (818) 240-1800 or going through our website.

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