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Finding The Trusted Motorcycle Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Me

August 9, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Being involved in a motorcycle vehicle accident is extremely dangerous. Motorcycle vehicles do not have safety features, such as airbags, to protect the motorcyclists unlike cars. Therefore, once a collision happens with a motorcycle vehicle, it often results in serious injuries and property damage. The worst part is, insurance companies tend to have a bias thinking regarding motorcyclists as they perceive them as “reckless.” It does not seem fair because no matter how careful the motorcyclist is, there will always be another careless driver who can cause a road accident. It is indeed challenging to be involved in a motorcycle accident, since you have to carry a lot of burden. You may possibly waste your time waiting for your insurance company to grant your request. This is when you need to consider asking professional help from a motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me

It is important to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at this point, since the chances of achieving a fair settlement is greater. Insurance companies will try their best not to pay you unless you fight for it. An attorney will fight with you and help you recover what you have lost during the accident. Attorneys focus their time and energy in investigating the case, finding who is at fault, and pursuing compensation. 

Common Causes and Injuries of Motorcycle Vehicle Accidents

Understanding how and why motorcycle vehicle accidents happen is relevant in seeing the accident on a bigger picture. The following are mostly the causes of cases handled by motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me: 

  1. Road conditions are poor. There could possibly be a road construction with debris that was not seen. The road could also be slippery due to heavy rain or flooding. Too much snow can also contribute to this cause. 
  2. Drivers are drunk or drugged. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is extremely prohibited. However, some drivers are fearless for not following this law and this often results in bad circumstances. 
  3. Blind spots are not checked. Most of the time, motorcyclists expect that nothing is behind the blind spot. Thus, resulting to a collision of another vehicle, person, animal, or road block. Motorcyclists are prone to over speeding, that is why one must always keep speed at a minimum and to stay alert. 
  4. Riding without protective gears. Motorcycles do not have any feature to protect you from accidents. Thus, motorcyclists are always asked to wear helmets. Worst comes to worst, your head is protected and it can prevent possible serious injuries. 
  5. Drivers tend to do lane splitting. This is extremely dangerous as there is only a little distance between vehicles and the uncertainty as to when one vehicle moves is questionable. 

On the other hand, common motorcycle accident injuries include: 

  • Traumatic Brain Injury 
  • Paraplegia 
  • Quadriplegia 
  • Loss of Limbs 
  • Broken bones 
  • Death 

motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me

Seek Legal Assistance From Motorcycle Vehicle Accident Attorney Near Me 

If you have been seriously injured due to a motorcycle vehicle accident, you do not need to waste any time as LA Injury Group, Inc., is committed in assuring our clients that they do not get overwhelmed towards the complexities of the accident’s legal aspects. They are committed to seeking and providing justice that the client deserves through pursuing compensation. They know how stressful it is to be in such a challenging situation, so they exist to assist you in meeting your needs. 

Once you hire LA Injury Group to stand on your behalf, ensure that you will be informed and guided to the steps needed to partake. You will be prompted with the progress of the case. From the investigation of the scene to pursuing compensation, you will be updated. If you have any concerns or clarifications, an experienced motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me is always ready to answer all your queries. 

LA Injury Group

At LA Injury Group, they make sure you recover from the damages incurred after the accident. The assigned attorney will provide an estimate and as soon as the evaluation is done, the attorney can then give you a range of references. Due to being seriously injured, medical expenses are mostly the number one headache for many since it is continuous. Moreover, loss of enjoyment, loss of income, loss of property, pain and suffering can also determine the worth of your claim. 

Rest assured that the motorcycle vehicle attorneys at LA Injury Group are experienced and well-prepared. They are knowledgeable of Motorcycle Laws and how insurance companies think, most especially if it is a motorcycle related accident. Getting the side of the insurance company is not going to be easy due to 

their stereotype towards motorcyclists. However, having the right attorney to work with you throughout the journey will help you remain calm and motivated to win what you deserve. Experienced motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me, like the rest of the attorneys at LA Injury Group, is compassionate in providing life-long peace of mind to the clients. 


If you, or your loved one, is involved in a serious motorcycle accident and you wish to seek legal consultation and assistance, contact LA Injury Group Inc., and you will be assigned to an experienced motorcycle vehicle accident attorney near me. We know it is traumatic and difficult for you, but LA Injury Group is here to fight with you and for you, until we give you what you deserve.

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