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Expert LA Personal Injury Trial Lawyer to Help You Deal with Insurance Companies

February 18, 2021 
by LA Injury Group

When you suffered an injury caused by an accident due to another’s negligence, you may want to seek legal service to handle your case. It’s not just any lawyer but an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer to help you deal with insurance companies.

LA Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

What You Need to Know When Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Accident 

If you need to deal with an insurance company following an accident, it’s important to know your rights. Generally speaking, most insurance companies keep things under wraps to protect their own interest, which is profit. Hiring an expert Los Angeles personal injury trial lawyer will help you deal with insurance companies. This offers you higher chances of getting a payment that you truly deserve.

Below are the things that insurance companies won’t tell you:

Insurance Adjusters Aren’t Usually Honest

Most often than not, insurance adjusters already know the standpoint and have answers they considered to be accurate. At this point, they may attempt to press a representation to make you agree with them. They will also try to convince you to accept their low-ball offer, an amount that is much lesser than you deserve. This one of the main reasons why you need an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer to help you deal with insurance companies. 

No Need to Sign Anything With No Representation  

Remember that insurance companies are smart to try and make you sign documents. Some of this paperwork can affect your rights in pursuing your claim. They may inform you of its timeline and require you to have it returned on a specific date. You can review the documents with an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer before signing anything. This will help you safeguard your rights as well as your options.

You Need a Legal Counsel to Protect Your Rights

Insurance companies will do their best to keep you from getting legal counsel to represent you and protect your rights. They know that having a lawyer by your side enables you to get fair compensation or even more. That’s what they want to avoid that’s why they always try to say that you don’t need a lawyer, especially an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer.

Insurance Companies Will Look for Ways to Pay You Less Money

Expect that insurance companies have lots of tricks under their sleeves to avoid paying you as little as possible. They will try to reduce the value of your claim and take advantage of your difficult situation. Additionally, they will stress you into accepting their low-ball offer by emphasizing your increasing medical bills. When you have an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer to represent you, claims adjusters will think twice before offering you an unfair settlement. 

Insurance Adjusters Are Not That Sympathetic As You Might Think

Don’t be easily believe by what you see. Bear in mind that insurance companies are business entities and prioritize their profits first. They usually try to act pleasant if they sense they have an edge in a particular situation. You may notice, however, their friendliness diminish if you have a lawyer with you. They know they will have a hard time dealing with you to accept a settlement that is way too low.

Damages You May Recover With The Help Of An Expert LA Personal Injury Trial Lawyer 

It’s natural for an injured victim to seek out recovery for sustained damages following an accident. But you also have to understand that filing a claim is a complicated matter. When you hire an expert LA personal injury trial lawyer, you are lifting the burden off your shoulders. Your lawyer can help you recover economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages 

Economic damages constitute any monetary losses that may encounter due to an accident. Your expenditures or the salaries you can no longer earn is a form of economic damages. It’s important that you keep a record of your expenses when filing a claim. These expenses may include:

  • Medical bills which involve expenses for treatment, process, in-patient stays, and medication
  • Lost earnings include the amount you would have earned if not for your injury and future lost salaries
  • Property damage includes vehicle repair costs  
Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are a more elaborate matter because they don’t encompass a direct financial value lost. It rather regards your pain and suffering as well mental sorrow after an accident. 

Consult an LA Personal Injury Trial Lawyer 

Our team of expert LA personal injury trial lawyers at LA Injury Group works hard to protect your rights and ensure you’ll get a fair settlement. We emphasize your sake and goals so you’ll have peace of mind until the end of the process. Together, we will protect your rights and get you the fair settlement you deserve. 

Call us today at (818) 240-1800 for a free case valuation. Together, we will win your case.

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