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Expert Glendale Pedestrian Accident Attorney

June 25, 2021 
by LA Injury Group

California has developed a program called “Vision Zero” with hopes of getting rid of traffic and pedestrian accidents by 2025. However, these endeavors are not sufficient to counter more than 10 accidents that happen on a daily average. If you’re a victim and sustained injuries, you have the right to seek compensation, especially if it’s not your fault. An expert Glendale pedestrian accident attorney can help you pursue a claim.

Expert Glendale Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

One of the most common types of personal injury cases is a pedestrian accident. It involves injured victims pursuing financial damages, mostly for their medical treatment expenditures. If you’re a victim, it’s crucial to prove the driver’s negligence. To accomplish this, having an expert Glendale pedestrian accident lawyer by your side will help you walk through the procedures. 

It’s important to carefully evaluate an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian. Likewise, it’s necessary to identify not only who’s at fault, but also the degree of liability for each involved party. The state has numerous right-of-way statutes that protect pedestrians. These rules also help protect pedestrians and prove the driver’s negligence resulting in an accident.

Not every people knows the law and its hard to establish the extent of liability in a pedestrian accident. As a victim, you might not know that the entire fault essentially befalls on the driver.  

Kinds of Pedestrian Accidents

There are several factors taken into account when identifying the full extent of fault. Since there’s a massive greater part of Glendale residents driving their cars regularly, it’s riskier for pedestrians who cross the streets or walk on the sidewalk. 

Backing Up Vehicle

This happens when a driver backs up or swerves and hits a pedestrian walking round the sidewalk or roadside. Drivers have difficulty seeing pedestrians when other vehicles block their view.

This incident won’t make the pedestrian at-fault. Besides, it is a ground for lawsuit and allow for monetary compensation for damages the victim sustained. Consulting an expert Glendale pedestrian accident attorney will help you understand your rights and will help stand for it.    

Pedestrian on the Roadside

This accident usually happens when people walk on the roadside due to lack of sidewalks. It becomes more dangerous for both drivers and pedestrian, especially at dark or poor weather conditions.  

Highway Crossing of Pedestrians

Pedestrians cross the highway when they encounter problems with their vehicles. It would be best if they stay with their cars until help arrives. 

Intersection Driving

This occurrence manifest when a driver drives into an intersection and hit a pedestrian. It’s reckless driving, causing the driver to face punitive damages. 

Abrupt Rush Across the Road

The responsibility generally falls on the pedestrian who suddenly make a rush crossing the road while vehicles approach. In this scenario, it’s obvious that the pedestrian is held liable. However, a driver may also be held liable if he’s over speeding or intoxicated. If you’re a victim and sustained injuries, speak with an expert Glendale pedestrian accident attorney to check if you have a case to pursue.

Driver’s Fault Against Pedestrian 

When it comes to California’s right-of-way rules, the fault usually falls on the driver in a pedestrian accident. Even if the law prioritizes the victims at all times, they are still vulnerable to the drivers’ negligence when on the road. Whether it’s not your fault or have a part in the accident’s occurrence, consulting an expert Glendale pedestrian accident attorney will help with your case. 

Victim Partially At Fault

When a pedestrian accident occurs, it doesn’t mean it’s always the driver’s fault. There are instances when the victim himself has something to do with it. If you’re a victim, you might still sue the driver, provided that he or she has a part in the accident. This is where the state’s law called, “comparative fault” comes in.

Otherwise called “comparative negligence,” you can still acquire compensation even if you have a part in the accident. If you’re 30% at fault, you can a file a lawsuit against the driver and recover 70% of the damages you sustained.   

Third Party Liability

It’s a fact that reckless drivers are the main reason why pedestrian accidents occur. However, there are also times when a third-party is at fault and involves:

  • Manufacturers because of defective or faulty products
  • Vehicle owners entrusting their cars to people they know are incapable drivers
  • Public agencies accountable for road imperfections
  • Vehicle owners allowing someone considered to compromise their car 
  • Car passengers disrupting the driver

Talk to an Expert Glendale Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a pedestrian accident, better talk to an expert Glendale pedestrian accident attorney. Our attorneys at the LA Injury Group will always be here for you to help in anyway we can.

We’re just a phone call away. Contact us at 818-423-4878 and let’s evaluate your case at no cost.

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