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Competent Pedestrian Accident Attorney in LA

April 21, 2021 
by LA Injury Group

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in LA: Last year, 134 people died in Los Angeles while just walking, all because of driver recklessness. That is about one person dying every two-and-a-half days. Truth is, pedestrian deaths jumped from 87 in 2014 - or nearly 55% over 5 minutes.

Most of the time, pedestrian accidents emanate from driver negligence or distraction. In several incidents when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, drivers, especially those who make right turns, will not look left or straight ahead before turning right. This can lead to devastating injuries to pedestrians. 

Drivers become distracted due to the following reasons:

  • Eating
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Talking on their mobile devices
  • Texting, chatting or sending messages on email
  • Looking in a different direction

These factors can result in pedestrian accidents, causing pedestrians to suffer serious damages. Injuries may include one or more such as broken arms or legs, back injury, quadriplegic/paraplegic permanent injuries, traumatic brain injuries. If you are a victim, it’s best to talk to a competent pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles for legal help. 

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in LA

Who is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

Generally, it’s the driver who is at fault in terms of a pedestrian accident whether it’s because of negligence or failure to see the pedestrian. Pedestrians, on the other hand, can be also at fault if they didn’t foster caution before entering a roadway.

Some situations in which a pedestrian becomes at fault:

  • Jaywalking is the number one cause of a pedestrian getting hit by a vehicle. People should cross using the pedestrian lane to avoid road accidents.
  • Pedestrians cross highways where all sorts of vehicles pass at high speeds
  • Disregarding traffic controls including the “Don’t Walk” signal
  • Children who “run” away from their unwary parents to pursue pets or pick up a toy left behind while walking.

However, most of the time, the blame lies at the driver when a pedestrian suffered injuries due to an accident. Some of the most frequent driver errors or driver misbehavior which adds to car-pedestrian accidents include:

  • Ignoring posted speed limit signs
  • Preoccupied with other activities aside from driving
  • Overtaking a stopped school bus in which children may cross the pedestrian lane after disembarking the bus 
  • Failing to stop when a pedestrian is crossing the lane
  • Disregarding traffic controls 
  • Disregarding crosswalks

To prove your case successfully, you need to show that the driver who caused your injuries owe you a duty of care.  You have to prove that the driver breached this responsibility, the reason why you sustained injuries. A competent pedestrian accident attorney in LA will be able to help you with your case.

Rights of a Pedestrian Based on Traffic Laws

According to the California Vehicle Code, pedestrians have specific rights, but also need to oblige with traffic laws. These rights include:

  • The right of way when in the crosswalk, whether it’s a green light or there’s no control light
  • Any type of vehicle needs to yield to a pedestrian crossing the pedestrian lane 
  • The right to cross specific highways and crosswalks in allocated crossing areas

When a driver ignores the vehicle code and hits a pedestrian crossing the pedestrian lane, or in a designated area on a highway, the driver becomes responsible for carelessness. He or she will need to pay the consequences of physical, emotional, and economic injuries to the injured pedestrian. 

When a Pedestrian Accident Resulted in Wrongful Death

There are a few incidents when a pedestrian accident turned into wrongful death. If a loved one died due to a driver’s negligence, the surviving family can file a wrongful death claim on the deceased’s behalf. A competent pedestrian accident attorney in LA can also help you file a wrongful death claim and represent you in court if necessary.   

Pedestrian Accidents Compensation

A pedestrian who suffered injuries because of a driver’s negligence has the right to have compensation. It can be economic, non-economic, or both depending on the situation and type of injury the victim sustained. 


Economic compensation can provide for past and future expenses for medical treatment lost wages and lost earning ability. This also applies if you became permanently injured with no more capacity to work or earn a living. 

In case you’re a homemaker who suffered grave injuries from a pedestrian accident, may receive compensation. It’s because you can no longer perform domestic responsibilities at home may need to hire one instead to do the chores.


This type of damage is difficult to quantify and hard to put into figures. Nevertheless, a competent pedestrian accident attorney in LA can help you get a fair settlement for the damages brought by a pedestrian accident. 

Seek Help From a Competent Pedestrian Accident Attorney in LA 

Injuries from a pedestrian accident may heal but your life will never be the same again. Our team of compassionate and competent attorneys at LA Injury Group will be glad to hear and listen about your case. We have won many cases and we allow your clients to speak for us. Reach out to us at (818) 240-1800 and we’ll evaluate your case at no cost. 

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