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Common Causes and Forms of Big Rig Accident

July 27, 2020 
by LA Injury Group

Big rig accident cases are more complicated compared to other vehicle accidents. It is not the same with a regular vehicular accident as big rigs are commercial trucks that are built to transport large and heavy loads. The examples are eighteen-wheeler and semi-tractor-trailers. Since these vehicles are definitely large in size, this could cause serious injuries and serious damage of property. When this happens, the investigator of the insurance company arrives to examine where the accident took place and collect necessary information. While you are required to report to the assigned police officer about what happened, you should be careful about not providing any information towards the insurance company as could be used against you.

Moreover, this kind of accident involves liability issues both on the part of the truck driver and the trucking company. Thus, it is very important to have an experienced big rig accident lawyer to help you protect your rights against the aggressive lawyers of trucking companies. Once contacted, LA Injury Group can conduct a separate investigation. To make sure all the necessary information and detail will not be missed. Also, they will make sure important evidence, such as driver’s license, truck inspection and maintenance records, will not be lost or destroyed. 

Common Causes of Big Rig Accident

While there are other causes of this kind of accidents, these four are usually the common ones the LA Injury Group handled: 

The driver is at fault

Like any other drivers, the truck driver can also be influenced with alcohol or drugs. Most of the time, they get tired as driving such a large vehicle can truly cause a lot of stress. Another reason is, even when they are supposed to be resting, they could not do so because they have to meet a deadline. Therefore, it could cause the driver to be drowsy. 

The vehicle is poorly maintained

As these large vehicles travel at a longer distance than a usual vehicle with heavy loads. It is usually prone to different problems if not being maintained well. Problems such as tires and engines could occur and experiencing either one while travelling is extremely dangerous. 

The weather is bad

Despite the weather conditions, truck drivers still need to drive as they need to meet deadlines and bring goods from one point to another on time. Even when the weather is bad, truck drivers tend to drive faster and it often results in serious accidents. 

The loading is not properly done 

Since trucks need to carry heavy loads, loading must be properly done in order for the driver to drive the truck safely. Or else, the truck driver could lose control of the truck and therefore result in an accident. 

Because of the causes, these are the usual forms of accidents that happen: rollover and rear end accidents, blind spots, or sideswipes. It is important to know the cause and the form of accident to figure out the liability of the action. 

big rig accident

Trusted Big Truck Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles 

The LA Injury Group is composed of competent, committed, and compassionate individuals. Always ready to help you in getting what you deserve. Big rig accident cases are definitely not new to the firm. As they have handled the common causes of accidents stated above, and more. They believe each case is different and unique. But since they are knowledgeable about this case. They can help give light to your situation. Most especially if you went through serious injuries and serious damage of property. 

At LA Injury Group, you will never experience facing your insurance company alone. They will stand right beside you to fight for you. Insurance companies tend to find ways to deny or delay your claim for compensation, but by having the right big rig accident lawyer with you, this will surely not happen. They will help you list down all the damages for documentation, so you will be properly compensated. The areas possible for compensation include, but not limited to: medical costs, emotional and physical stress, lost income, and damaged property. 

LA Injury Group Big Rig Accident Attorneys

The first thing that needs to be done quickly after a big rig accident is calling a lawyer to stand on your behalf. Any delay could lessen your chance of getting fair compensation for all your losses. The LA Injury Group has proven its quality service to its clients. Based on years of handling big rig accidents with favorable results. They know how traumatizing it is for clients to face such serious accidents. That’s why their lawyers and professionals are always working together to ensure all sides of the incident are investigated as details. No matter how small, can matter greatly to the case. 

If you have encountered a big rig accident and you have no idea what to do. The LA Injury Group is always available for you. They are not just experienced and seasoned lawyers, they are compassionate and they treat each client as a family member. They do not want to cause further inconvenience, so they will make everything right for you. Contact LA Injury Group today and rest assured your case will be given utmost priority and importance.

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