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Best Trial Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in California

February 15, 2022 
by LA Injury Group

Bad faith can arise with any form of insurer or policy, which includes consumer or business policies. Paying insurance means funding the benefits and coverage in case of an accident. If you’re not getting what you paid for, it’s a sign that you need to speak with the best trial bad faith insurance attorney in California for help.

Trial Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in California

Trial Bad Faith Insurance Attorney in California: What Is Bad Faith?

We know that insurance companies’ best interest is to earn profits. As much as possible, they will deny claims or propose to policyholders with a low-ball offer. It means they won’t pay in full or only a portion of the total insured amount. An insurance company that acts in bad faith needs a word with California’s best trial bad faith insurance attorney.

In legal terms, “bad faith” indicates that an insurance company tried to weasel out from its obligations. It rejected warranted claims on insurance coverage. Other practices considered to be acts of bad faith might be categorized based on the type of insurance claim. 

First-Party Claims 

A claim adjuster might have unfavorable actions on your dibs for property, health, and other personal insurance protection. Any of these scenarios indicate that you need California’s best trial bad faith insurance attorney on your side. He will represent you and will be the one to deal with unscrupulous insurance companies.

  • Missed to investigate a claim properly 
  • Unwarranted postponement in filing the claim
  • Suggesting an exceptionally low amount of settlement
  • Irrational contradiction of a legal claim and failure to provide explanations 
  • Paying only a fraction of the benefits
  • Compromising the insured’s ability to uphold a lawsuit
  • Misrepresentation of coverage facts under the policy 
  • Non-communication of claim and status to policyholders

Third-Party Claims

One of the insurer’s responsibilities is to safeguard your policy against third-party claims. Here are indications that your insurance company is doing bad faith practices. 

  • Abandoning and not fighting for you against third party claims
  • Not paying legal defense costs 

Filing a Claim Against Insurance Company Practicing Bad Faith  

When you pay your monthly premiums, you’re expecting to acquire benefits once you need them. It’s distressing if you sustain injuries or damages from an accident and the insurance companies aren’t cooperating. You’ll wonder how to proceed and who to turn to. If they aren’t negotiating in good faith, speak with the best trial bad faith insurance attorney in California. 

Your attorney can help you recover a substantial settlement through a written accusation. If not effective, you can file a personal injury claim as a policyholder. Your legal representative will help you recover damages or losses for breach of contract. It may encompass privileges due under the policy, including interest.

Additionally, you might be able to recover damage from the insurance company’s bad faith practices. It includes economic losses, legal fees, and emotional distress. Some cases enable policyholders to obtain punitive damages if they can prove fraudulence on the insurance company’s part. 

Bad faith acts occur with consumer and business propositions. Initially, it’s important to identify if bad faith occurred and study the policy language. If you have a logical expectation of privileges, coverage, or defense according to the policy, chances are you may win in a bad faith claim. It’s also regardless of whether the guidelines consist of dubious languages.

Damages You Can Seek from Bad Faith Insurance

An insurance company that practices bad faith means a wide-ranging loss on your part as a policyholder. Damages that you can seek could include: 

  • Policyholder’s out-of-pocket expenses the policy must have covered
  • Overheads paid to forfend a lawsuit the third party filed
  • Payments the insured need to pay to an injured third party
  • Legal fees attempting to acquire the deserved benefits
  • Emotional distress or mental suffering

Punitive Damages

Generally, insurance companies won’t admit wrongdoing. They will usually 

There are cases when the court awards punitive damages to a policyholder when the insurance company practices bad faith. This compensation can add hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on top of the main compensatory damages.  

Don’t make the mistake of settling the dispute on your own. Hiring California’s best trial bad faith insurance attorney can help you with the challenges you’ll face when dealing with the insurance company. 

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

Your rights as a policyholder against the insurance company depend chiefly on the insurance contract as conveyed in the policy and riders. However, it can also stem from the established duty of good faith stipulated by the law on every insurance company’s dealing with its policyholder. 

If your insurance company is giving you a hard time with your claim, schedule a free case evaluation with the LA Injury Group. Our attorneys have the skills and expertise to make a crucial difference in your case’s adjudication.

Schedule a free case evaluation. We work on a contingency fee basis. Call us today at (818) 240-1800. Let’s win together.


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