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Auto Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles on Car Manufacturers Obligation

July 19, 2019 
by LA Injury Group

Contacting auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles is vital if you are in a car accident. Failure to obtain an experienced lawyer immediately can have serious consequences. 

In some cases, skid marks in your car vanish while the witnesses of the accident become extremely difficult to contact. And if you wait for too long to file a claim, some vital pieces of evidence will be destroyed. 

auto accident attorneys in los angeles

However, an auto accident is not always the fault of the driver. Sometimes, it is the result of a manufacturing flaw. Motor vehicle flaws happen when manufacturers cut corners in their testing and design process. These manufacturers simply wish to get their automobiles on the market faster. 

Automakers must report any defects they find within five days. However, because recalls are expensive and difficult, most manufacturers do not report the defects. And if they have decided to do so, it has become too late. Car owners of those defective automobiles are already involved in several injuries and accidents. 

Several car companies have already paid millions in fines as they failed to report defects to the public. Toyota, for instance, paid $66.5 million in civil penalties and $1.2 billion criminal fine. 

When Can You Sue an Auto Maker for a Defective Product? 

Car owners can sue manufacturers of defective cars if they fail and cause accidents and injuries. However, it can be a great challenge to sue them. It is especially true if you are facing a big company in the business. 

However, you should not fret when doing so because there are auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles who can help you out in this case. The first thing to do when taking legal action against a car manufacturer is to prove that the car is defective. 

The car must be defective in manufacture or design or it lacks warnings of danger. Unfortunately, it is not easy to prove. That’s why it is vital that you consult with a car accident lawyer. 

If you have sustained an injury while using the defective car, you can file a claim, too. Or you must show that your injury was the result of the defective automobile. 

When filing a claim or lawsuit, you need pieces of evidence. What are these? Your auto accident lawyer can enumerate them.

For that reason, it is vital that you work with one of our auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles if you meet an accident as a result of your defective car. Do not delay. Contact us immediately so we can assist you properly: (818) 240-1800.


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