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GM Settles Lawsuit Regarding Death Due to a Faulty Ignition Switch

General Motors has reached a settlement in a second case involving a faulty ignition switch. The lawsuit first filed in 2010 helped launch a massive recall of vehicles dating back to 2001. The suit accused GM of knowing that the ignition switch in several of their cars was faulty, yet covering up the evidence in […]
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What Is Negligence and How Is It Established?

Negligence is the failure to exercise legally required care that provides protection to a person or persons and the result of that lack of care results in an injury. In order to determine if you can bring a lawsuit for negligence there are four requirements you must reach. Those four are: Duty Breach Causation Damages […]
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How Does a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Start?

In most cases medical malpractice lawsuits have a time deadline. You must file your suit within two years of the error/problem taking place. In most cases if you do not file within that two year window your case will be thrown out. This means time is of the essence. If you feel like you have […]
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Caitlyn Jenner Hit with a Second Lawsuit from Her Car Accident

Just a few days ago Caitlyn Jenner, still riding a high of positive press from her Vanity Fair cover, announced that she planned to ask the court to throw out the first lawsuit filed against her stemming from a fatal car accident she was involved in back in February. Today it was announced that a […]
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Tracy Morgan and the Family of James McNair Settle with Walmart

Tracy Morgan along with friends including James McNair were involved in a car accident with a Walmart truck in June of 2014. Mr. McNair was killed in the accident and Mr. Morgan was seriously injured. This week, after much speculation, both aforementioned parties have reached settlements involving this case. Mr. McNair’s family settled with Walmart […]
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