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Assigning Fault in a Car Accident

October 21, 2015 
by LA Injury Group

Determining who is at fault in a car accident can be a complicated and difficult task. Even single car accidents can have more than one person or entity at fault. Fault can come from a variety of different places. Here we will discuss some of the more common ways that fault is determined in a car accident.

If there is more than one car involved in the car accident the initial investigation will try to determine who is at fault. Fault can include one driver breaking a rule of the road, losing control of their car, or simple negligence where they do not pay attention to their surroundings. For example, if one driver runs a stop sign or red light and hits another car they are likely 100% at fault for the accident. In another instance one driver backing up and hitting another car because they were not looking where they were going will likely result in their being found 100% at fault. Where things get more complex is when both drivers (or all drivers in cases of more than two cars) make mistakes and contribute to the fault of the accident. In these situations investigators will determine who holds what percentage of the fault. An example might be one driver being 40% to blame and the other is 60% to blame (or any other percentage that the investigators find to be accurate).

In other cases there can be outside circumstances or objects that contribute to the fault. For example a car coming around a corner that hits a large pothole and is thrown off course and into an accident can end with the lack of maintenance on the road being considered the fault of the accident. Cities, counties or states are responsible for the upkeep of the roads. When they don’t follow through with their commitments they can be held at fault. Poorly maintained roads, bad street lighting and other similar problems are commonly the cause of car accidents and should always be taken into consideration.

When an accident occurs it is important not to immediately accept fault. Allow investigators to do their job and determine who and what is at fault for the accident or what percentage of fault is spread around between those involved in the accident. This can be very important because who is found at fault or what percentage of fault is assigned can greatly affect settlement amounts for injuries or damaged property.

If you have been involved in an accident and have been injured, contact LA Injury Group now for your 100% free consultation. Let us help you determine fault and make certain your rights are protected.

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