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Answer to “Injury Lawyer near Me”

November 30, 2018 
by LA Injury Group

If you’ve tried to find a personal injury lawyer in our modern era, odds are you might’ve typed “injury lawyer near me” into your phone. That’s a great way to start the research on what kind of attorney you should find. After all, in Southern California, location is important. If you’re going to be meeting with an attorney in person, you don’t want to have to use one that’s clear across town. By that same token, you also don’t want to hire an attorney solely because they’re nearby. Even if your attorney’s office is next door, if they aren’t the right personal injury attorney for you, then you should hire someone else. In this blog, we’ll discuss why we’ve been the right firm for so many and how we can help you.

Typing “Injury Lawyer near Me”

Researching personal injury attorneys isn’t easy. If you go online and search for something like “personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles” you’ll find literally millions of hits. Many of these can be misleading at best. You may get a few attorneys that aren’t terribly great at what they do but they are excellent at buying online ads. By that same token, if you immediately dismiss the first attorneys that come up, you may be looking past the ones that are a good fit for you. There are a few questions you should ask before you hire personal injury attorneys.

Ask yourself: do these personal injury attorneys normally handle cases like mine? That may not make for the most concise Google search, but it’s a question you have to answer. In fact, it’s one that may require a bit more research than most think. After all, the phrase “personal injury attorney” is a vague, catch-all term. It means “attorney who handles slip and fall cases” but many also take it to mean “injured in a car accident cases,” too. You want to make sure you’re with a law firm that will do right by you in court and out of it.

Too often, we’ve heard stories of potential clients going to a law firm that touted their success with “personal injury.” Then, the injured party would sign with them, only to find that their workplace slip and fall case was being handled by an attorney who has decades worth of experience with motorcycle accident cases. Sure, in most cases you’re taking on an insurance company, but there really aren’t many similarities between the two cases. You deserve to have an attorney who specializes in cases like yours that have a track record of success in your cases.

Experience That Counts

One of the major reasons for that is that the other side will have attorneys who are definitely familiar with those cases. Insurance companies can basically hire whoever they want. So, if you’re hurt in a car accident, they’ll get attorneys who know car accident law. If you were hurt by falling off a balcony at work, they’ll get attorneys who have been through plenty of cases where employees have fallen off of balconies. No matter what the case is, the other side will have an experience expert who knows the law in this kind of case. You deserve to have the same.

Here at the LA Injury Group, we make sure that our clients are paired with an attorney who knows how that kind of case works. We don’t put you with an attorney who “kind of” has handled cases like yours, or an attorney who has “sort of, a little” had experience with your case. We put you with experts – we make sure that your attorney is a seasoned pro who has dealt with your kind of case so many times in the past. That way, you’re getting someone who really knows what they’re doing and can most capably represent you. When you come to the LA Injury Group, we put you with an injury expert.

As we mentioned a few paragraphs back, “the insurance companies can hire whoever they want.”That brings us to another qualification that you should look for in any law firm that you hire: a law firm that has the resources to match the insurance company. You deserve to have a law firm that has dealt with insurance companies in the past and won’t get swamped by their basically limitless resources. When insurance companies want to win a case, there’s a lot of ways they can go about doing so. Typically, their initial response is to throw as much money at the case as possible.

Attorneys, Witnesses, Investigators and More

The way all that money often manifests is in the form of the highest quality attorneys, expert witnesses and investigators. That’s why so many smaller law firms are at such a significant disadvantage against insurance companies: they can’t match that. When the insurance company brings in a top quality investigator with real police experience, the smaller law firm may try to investigate it themselves or bring in a much lower quality investigator. Ultimately, this hurts the case of the injured party. That doesn’t happen when you bring your case to us.

Here at the LA Injury Group, we can bring in the best investigators possible. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a great team of investigators that we can send out at a moment’s notice. They’ll go over everything there is to go over for your case, finding the evidence that proves the truth. Then, they’ll bring that evidence to us and we can make the best, most compelling case for you. So, when the insurance company’s investigators show their evidence, we’ll be able to match it with the truth.

That same principle applies for expert witnesses, too. See, the expert witnesses on the insurance company’s payroll are going to say that it wasn’t their client’s fault; they shouldn’t be liable, so on and so forth. We can bring in real expert witnesses who can reveal the truth and say it to anyone. For example, many times we’ve brought in a true pro accident reconstructionist. This person can recreate the accident in startling detail. That way, everyone can see exactly what happened, unobstructed by lies and exaggerations. That’s just one of the kinds of expert witnesses we can bring in to make your case all that much more compelling.

In Trial or in Negotiation

As you know if you’ve been going through our blogs here, but not every case goes to trial. In fact, many don’t. A majority don’t go to trial. They end at the negotiating table, with us getting our clients the compensation they deserve through that method. That being said, when you’re searching online for personal injury attorneys, you need to find attorneys that have a track record of winning in the courtroom. That helps to keep the insurance companies honest in negotiation. They have to understand that, if they don’t offer your attorneys a good deal at negotiation, then they’ll probably have to pay a lot more should the case go to court.

Insurance companies are always trying to give as little as possible. That’s how their entire business model works. From the moment they make you a low ball offer through the end of the case, giving you less money is all they’re trying to do. So, you need attorneys that have a real reputation for being great in court, so that the insurance company doesn’t really see that as a viable option. If the insurance company knows that they’re in for a hard time in the courtroom, they they’re much more likely to make you a good deal so as to never have to step foot inside of it. We’re always glad to talk to our clients during a free consultation. For more information, give us a call at (818) 240-1800 or head to our site.

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